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Why should I register on

Submitted by admin on 2006-11-12

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Registration allows you to use features to the fullest, and it's FREE. You only register once and then use your username and password to access whatever area of the site you want. Listed below are some of the things you can do when registered, but will miss out on if not registered:

  • Post in the forums - Post and participate in the conversations in our forums. The forums receive thousands of posts per day and is a great resource for climbing information. It's also a great community to make friends in.
  • Contribute to our routes database - Thousands of people use the routes database to find information about climing areas and routes everywhere in the world.
  • Write and read gear reviews - The gear database is an extensive list of available gear. Read and write reviews and give your opinion about the usefulness of existing reviews.
  • Post classified ads - Register to post your gear for sale.
  • Submit photos and manage your own photo albums.
  • Upload videos and manage your own playlists.
  • Partners - Use our partner finder to search for climbing partners anywhere in the world.
  • Submit articles, climbing news and article reviews.
  • Post your events in our calendar.
  • Get a FREE email address - Yes, automatically becomes yours and you can use the online Email application to send and receive email at this address. You'll get spam filters, the ability retrieve mail from your other POP accounts, your own folders and message rules, an address book and lots more.
  • Set up your personal and climbing profile.
  • Participate in Promotions - sometimes runs promotions and giveaways that are open to registered users only. To be in line for the next free T-shirt or video... register!

There are plenty of other features all over the site that you'll discover as you start browsing once you've registered. It's FREE and it will open up a whole new world for you on


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