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What are the content submission Guidelines?

Submitted by admin on 2006-11-12

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Articles should be a minimum of 500 words. News items can be shorter and wiull be posted at the discretion of the Article Editor. The more substance your news item has, the better your chances of getting it out there!

You're welcome to submit your article in ASCII text format. Our editors will apply whatever formatting is neccessary. If you do want to add HTML, please use the following basic formatting tags only:

  • We will automatically apply a heading tag to your article title.
  • Use HTML in the "Article Body" field only. Nowhere else.
  • Use <h3></h3> for sub headings in the body
  • Use <h4></h4> for sub-sub headings in the body
  • Open and close paragraph tags <p></p>
  • Use <strong><strong> tags to emphasize text (not Bold <b></b>)
  • Use XHTML break tags <br /> (not <br> )
  • Open and close all List Items <li></li>
  • All tags must be in lower case.

For your convenience, these items are posted on the content submission form.


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