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What is the Minimum Days Registered Requirement?

Submitted by admin on 2006-11-12 | Last Modified on 2009-10-19

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As part of our efforts to fight scams in the Classified section we have instituted a policy that requires users to be registered for a minimum of 10 days before you can post an ad. There is also a minimum number of days a user must be registered before he/she can contact a seller, however this parameter is set by the seller and can range from 3 to 30 days. If you can not see the contact information for an advertiser then you have not been registered for the minimum number of days required.

This feature is simply designed to place an obstacle in the way of creating a quick username and spamming everyone in the classifieds or posting an ad ripped from EBay on the same day. We apologize to users who are simply trying to list their gear or get in touch with a seller. We trust that you'll be back in a few days and wish you the best of luck with your dealings.


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