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Rock Climbing : Help : Forums : How do I add an icon or avatar to my posts?

How do I add an icon or avatar to my posts?

Submitted by ddt on 2006-11-12 | Last Modified on 2007-01-11

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To add an icon or avatar to your post follow these steps:

  1. Upload a photo. You have to upload a photo to our Photo Section first.
  2. When uploading the photo there is an option to mark the photo as a "Profile Icon". Check that box.
  3. Go back to your Profile edit your Personal Profile.
  4. Next to the Icon field click on "Choose Icon".
  5. The last 4 photos that you uploaded and flagged as "Profile Icon" will be shown.
  6. Select the one you want.
  7. Click "Use this one".
  8. Save your Profile Changes.

Please note:

No icons or images allowed for avatars / profile pictures. Only actual photographs allowed, preferably climbing-related.


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