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Rock Climbing : Help : Supporting Partners : I am already a Supporting Partner, what now?

I am already a Supporting Partner, what now?

Submitted by admin on 2006-11-12 | Last Modified on 2006-11-17

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If you were a supporting partner before we migrated to the new site then your Partner status has carried over. You will enjoy this status until we replace the current program or until your partnership term expires. On the new site you have to following benefits:

1) Your mailbox limit has been set to 200 MB. 2) You can access and download your mail via our POP server to your favorite mail client 3) You will be flagged as a Supporting Partner in the forums with a little orange star. Star

We plan to launch this program again in the near future with a slew of new benefits and cool features for Partners. Keep the faith and thank you for your support in the past!

How do I setup my POP mail?

Partners can access and download their Mail to their favorite mail reader through a POP connection. This enables you to have lot more control over your mail. To set up your mail application to access the POP server use the following settings:
  1. Create a new account in Outlook/Express/Whatever
  2. For the POP server use the following settings:
    • Username: (Important: Your username is your full email address, not just your username!)
    • Password: YourPasswordForRockclimbingDotCom
    • Hostname POP3:
    • Port: 110
  3. SMTP: Your SMTP settings should be the same as for your other accounts. Outgoing mail still needs to go though your own ISP.

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