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Rock Climbing : News : Accidents and Injuries : UPDATED - Reardon Feared Dead

UPDATED - Reardon Feared Dead

Submitted by socialclimber on 2007-07-16

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by Gary unknown

Free soloist Michael Reardon, has been lost at sea in Irland. Con Moriarty, whose house Mr Reardon was staying in, told an Irish TV news station that Reardon had just finished a climb and was standing on a rock shelf at the base of a cliff when a wave hit him from behind, knocked him on his back, and carried him out to sea.

The accident occured west of Valentia Coast Guard Station yesterday evening. The alarm was raised shortly after 5pm yesterday when Reardon was unable to get himself out of the sea.

Mr Reardon, who was 36, had been in Ireland for the past month along with a photographer who was taking pictures of him climbing for an American magazine. He was due to return to the United States today.

Mr Reardon's wife Marci and 13-year-old daughter are expected to arrive in Ireland tomorrow morning.

Valerie O’Sullivan, a photographer from Killarney who had accompanied him on a number of climbs, told The Times that his death had shocked the climbing community in Ireland.

“He was standing below a climb he had just completed and the photographer, Damon Corso, was about 30ft away taking pictures of him. Michael was on a real high after the climb. He was about 10ft above the sea and he let go and had his hands out, celebrating, to say he had completed the climb of his life. But then a wave just came in. The wave hit him on the knees and he lost his balance and slipped on the algae. He was shouting for help but there was nothing Damon could do.”

Miss O’Sullivan said Mr Corso raised the alarm from his mobile telephone. “It is very unpredictable and there are some very powerful waves,” she continued. “It’s a bottomless pit made up of caves and caverns below the water. It is treacherous".


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An existing thread can be found here:;page=unread#unread
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Not saying This is untrue or anything, but there are just a few red flags in the article. And mixed with the fact that I dont want to believe that Reardon might be dead has me doubting the validity of this.

First off Michaels daughter is not 13 years old, she is more around the age of 5ish. I don't know exactley but you get the idea.

2nd I believe he is 33 years old, definatley closer to his early 30's and not his late 30's.

3rd. According to articles Michael got swept into the Ocean on friday the 13th. Thats a couincidence that alone raises suspicion to me. Also he was signed onto on the 14th. Now that doesnt mean that it was him, I'm sure there are other people that could sign on under his name.

Nevertheless My prayers are with Michael and his family.
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dyno4life --- you are wrong. Michael's daughter is 13. I met her last year. Every article has a different age for reardon. This is not uncommon because when people die (no one knew how old my grandfather was). Anyone with his password could login to his myspace.

I'm sorry, but it is true, Michael was swept to sea on Friday, July 13th.
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mike will be missed
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It's definitely true. I'm friends with Damon, the guy photographing him at the time.
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I am hoping for a miraculous survival.
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5 out of 5 stars Micheal has definiely been one of my climbing heros, due to his love of climbing by his own rules.

He will truely be missed. Even if he has passed on I only can hope that his family will be able to lay his body to rest rather being lost in Davy jones locker.
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Long live Reardon. My thoughts go out to his family and friends.
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dyno, you're an idiot... First get the facts straight, then distort them.

Mike is/was a friend of mine, and I was aquainted with both his wife and his daughter... I remember bouldering with Mike and Nikki a few years ago at Stoney Point. We, my wife and I, have camped with them, and I have climbed with Mike often at J-Tree, Malibu, and Needles. He was an inspiration to me, and inspired me to climb harder... But more importantly, he is/was a friend, and his form of banter and playfullness will be missed.

I love ya brutha.
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Those of us at Acopa are deeply saddened by this loss. Mike was so original that no one is ever going to be able to replace him.

The first day I met Michael he gave me a good swipe with his banter and we became instant friends. He never stopped making me laugh.

I love you Michael and I am looking forward to climbing with you again on the other side.

Marci and Nikki, you know that all you need to do is call us and we will be there.

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michael was and will always be a hero of mine. i woke up this morning to hear the horrible news. i cant believe it. his free spirit will always live on in us. in me.

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