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Rock Climbing : News : Ascents : 19 Year Old Toru Nakajima Sends V15 in Japan

19 Year Old Toru Nakajima Sends V15 in Japan

Submitted by admin on 2013-01-10

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On the 24th of December, Toru Nakajima managed to send the boulder problem Tokoyo (V15), situated in Kasagi, Japan. Toru is only 19 years old and is the third person to ascend this boulder problem.

This problem was first established by Japanese climber Dai Koyamada in November 2011, and was also his dream project. He spotted this problem from the roadside while driving around during a rest day in Kasagi.

Dai put a great amount of effort into getting the area cleared up, after consulting the landowner, he spent three days negotiating with his local land management services to get the area garbage free in order to start working on figuring out the sequence. This line consists of technical grabs on a steep face and it took Dai 14 days to complete the climb.

The second ascent of this problem was by a climber who wants to remain anonymous.

Toru Nakajima also managed to visit Colorado this past summer for some bouldering action which proved to be a very successful trip. He left with some big ascents under his belt which include Big Worm (V14), Clan of the Cave Bear (V13), Death Trout (V13), The Mote in God's Eye (V13), The Great War for Civilization (V13), just to name a few.

Below is the video of Toru Nakajima’s V15 challenge, Tokoyo:

Toru Nakajima sends Tokoyo V14 from Imashi Hashimoto on Vimeo.


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So, is it V14 or V15? article says one, vimeo says another. (not that it matters to me. whatever that is, it's gnar.) Nice send dude!
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that look slike a vicious climb. Excellent send.
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5 out of 5 stars Nice! I looked this up to see what grade it really is (V14 or V15) but didn't find anything that confirms which is right. :(

However, I did find out that the 2nd "anonymous" climber was Bruce Wayne.
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the grade is 5-dan, which is a wide scale encompassing v 14 and 15

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