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Rock Climbing : News : Ascents : Alex Honnold Free Solos Moonlight Buttress

Alex Honnold Free Solos Moonlight Buttress

Submitted by camhead on 2008-04-10

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by Cam Head

More info here: and

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I could do that. I just don't want to.
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WTF? Ummm... maybe I'm a little old-fashioned, or just read too many of what they call "articles" in things like The New Yorker, Rolling Stone, Mother Earth News, and Scientific American... but when you have a headline that says "Home: News: Ascents: So-and-so Free Solos Blah blah", followed by the "Article Tag" box, and then a little "More Articles in this Category" sub box... Shouldn't there actually be an article, somewhere... you know, words strung together into sentences, divided into paragraphs, in which might be included some relevent details like, oh, I don't know, maybe when, after how many roped ascents, under what conditions, with what witnesses, on what drugs.. you know, ephemera like that... instead of two lame links in an incomplete sentence fragment, leading everyone over to two other sites where those of us with dial-up can wait another fifteen minutes for all the Escalade and Hummer ads to download, along with flash pop-ups for the DVD release of An Inconvenient Truth? I mean, this is news, right? You don't need to plagerize... but some content would be nice, one might even say "required", to call this little blurb an "article".
Hell, if this is an article, then the 25-mile drive I just did is the yak trek into the Karakoram, and the boulder I climbed yesterday was the Mandala...
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Hmmmm, I'm gonna have to agree. A couple of links does not for an article make. Actually this ^^^ is more of an article than what you posted Camhead.

Concerning the solo of Moonlight, well my mind is officially blown.
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Holy shit balls!
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Where is the actual "article" ?
Perhaps someone with admin powers could take this teaser down until the poster actually writes and posts the promised "article" ?
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5 out of 5 stars The article is right under the Title/rating:

--More info here: and

Most people just copy paste the thing anyway, he just linked it. Climbing has the whole rundown right there. Just click the link and calm down.
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but this is, we don't do "calm"
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Here is the video montage of it....

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