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Rock Climbing : News : Locations and Access : Access Alert! Niagara Glen in danger!

Access Alert! Niagara Glen in danger!

Submitted by abe_ascends on 2008-09-24

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by abe_ascends

Taken from the Ontario Access Coalition Website:

The Niagara Parks Commission has recently released a draft of their Land Management Plan on their website which has a recommendation to eliminate bouldering in the future to reduce environmental impact:

Now is the time, as climbers, to speak up and let the Niagara Parks Commission know that banning bouldering is not the answer. For all those that have had the opportunity to climb at the Glen or wish to in the future, please email your comments or a per the instuctions found here.

Ontario Access Coalition

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online petition to maintain Niagara Glen bouldering access
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Access to the Glen should be closed to everyone. I used to love bouldering there back in the 90s. Last time I was there I was disgusted to see the impact of climbers: chalk, polished foot holds, discarded tape, ad hoc trails. The Climbing Community didn't step up and the glen can't support that level of climbing anyway. It's a great place and something should be done.
(don't get me started on the other tourists that trash the place)
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I think complete closure of the glen is unlikely and unessessary. I would welcome a chalk ban (or at-least a white-chalk ban). I would also welcome access fees, as long as those fees were used to hire more parks staff to clean-up, & enforce fines for those who leave tape, beer cans & balls of fishing-line behind.
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I am beginning to understand why Land Management agencies are so set on banning climbers from climbing areas. It seems the more climbers I run into the more jerks they are and it seems their attitude towards others is who F*cking cares anyways and just bolt it once its bolted they cant say anything about them. I am disgusted by many climbers of today.
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I'm not sure which is more unfortunate - restricting access or the trashing of a once magical place. Back in the early 90's I used to boulder there and have pictures of moss and lichen covering everything. The place was dark and damp - a secret at best.

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