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Rock Climbing : News : Locations and Access : Mushroom Boulder at Hueco Tanks--CLOSED

Mushroom Boulder at Hueco Tanks--CLOSED

Submitted by cyclone on 2008-01-05

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by Kirsten Orwig

Mushroom Boulder At Hueco Tanks State Historic Park Closed

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has closed the Mushroom Boulder at Hueco Tanks State Historic Park (Hueco Tanks) to all foot traffic, including climbing. Studies conducted by TPWD assert that erosion caused by human activity, including the placement and movement of crash pads, has exposed archeological resources within the soil. These previously covered resources include preserved flora and fauna remains as well as preserved cultural resources. TPWDs archeologists recommended closure of the site to all foot traffic to preserve these resources, an action which was executed by park managers on December 22, 2007.

The Access Fund has contacted TPWD and Hueco locals to assess options that will allow for continued access to the Mushroom Boulder. The Access Fund is also evaluating climbing management practices that will prevent similar erosion at other sites within Hueco Tanks. The Access Fund looks forward to collaborating with TPWD and local climbers to reach a solution that will preserve any archeological resources and allow for continued bouldering at Hueco Tanks.

In the meantime, the Access Fund asks climbers to respect the current closure of the Mushroom Boulder and stay tuned for future updates. For more information email



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Ha! No longer are we just climbing bums. We are now climbing bums with a penchant for archaeology!
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OH gawd! My life is OVER, everyone knows there are no other good boulders in Hueco! AHHH! Those Nazi Facist Rangers!
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Why would you ever go to Hueco if you can't get on Mushroom?
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erosion = walking. unless we can hover to the boulders, this is the beginning of the end for hueco.
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Moving crashpads?
Hey, I have an idea, why don't we cover all the natural areas of the world with glass domes a-la simpsons movie? That way no one will ever touch them.
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Guys, it sounds a lot more like it's closed because of the findings, and not for other reasons.
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if you dig enough anywhere in the southwest, you can find where some native did something eons ago, especially around rocks. in my mind the history of the mushroom outweighs random shards of archeology. if they found something siginificant, that would be different. this is an excuse to begin closing the whole park.
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total choss pile anywho....
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but if someone wants to build a giant new casino, it's ok to dig and pave over 20 acres.....
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goes to show how hard we need to work to keep our climbing resources available

don't bitch and whine, do something about it, we will only see more issues regarding access. work with people to be low-impact climbers.

I have seen many climbing areas become madhouses and look like behind the local grocery store with all the trash and underwear, this sport is getting larger and if we do not realize our impact we will loose our most precious climbing areas.

most companies and government agencies could give less of a shit about bouldering or climbing, it makes no money for anyone, whereas casino's, tourists and houses DO unfortunately!
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Total BS excuse to intimidate climbers and make a precedent to start closing other stuff.
What about the 20 foot wide, half mile long road right next to Mushroom, and the bathrooms right behind it?
Do you think it's possible that they damaged some "resources" building those?
Think about it- if the "resources" (stupid, inaccurate term) are so important to archaeology, dig them up, if they are sacred to someone (who in reality has no clue about the beliefs or culture of people thousands of years ago), cover the area under Musroom Roof (V8!) where they found the magical residues. No climbing on the boulder needs to be closed off.
Boulderers who defend this and say we have to "respect" the closing make me sick.
I'll "respect" it only as far as not wanting to get busted and kicked out of Hueco.
This was done by the "Historical Society" BTW and not by the State Parks. The rangers probably don't give a rats ass about the "resources", they just have to "enforce" it.

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