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Petzl Adds Impetus to RRGCC Fundraising

Submitted by acacongua on 2007-09-03 | Last Modified on 2008-03-20

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by Stephanie Meadows

In recent months fundraising efforts of the RRGCC have garnered special attention from worldwide adventure equipment manufacturer, Petzl, Inc. In recognizing the RRGCC endeavors to preserve climbing in Eastern Kentucky, Petzl turned its attention to the Red River Gorge and has provided major assistance in helping us secure climbing in the area.

As many probably already know, Petzl has teamed up with the RRGCC to present our annual Rocktoberfest and will bring the famed RocTrip to the Red River Gorge. With an anticipated crowd ranging from 800 to 1200 people breezing through the Red for this event alongside well known faces known for burly sends worldwide, the annual PMRP mortgage fundraising is certain to get a meritorious boost. If by chance you hadn’t already heard this exciting news, visit the RRGCC Events page for more information.

Although crowds of this size might detract the faithful weekend visitors and send them packing for a brief road trip, recent news from Petzl might find them back at the Red. Not only will Petzl add momentum with the Roc Trip, but Petzl Foundation has given the Coalition a dollar-for-dollar match grant. For every dollar we raise for the event, up to a whopping $10,000, Petzl will give the RRGCC a dollar!

For those who are still certain they will miss this year’s exciting event, contributions for this event will be accepted through October 14th on the RRGCC web site.

As if these developments weren’t already exciting enough, Petzl also mustered additional momentum by nominating the RRGCC for two other grants: one from the Conservation Alliance and another from the EOG Association for Conservation. In recommending us for these generous awards, Petzl helps to promote our efforts of preserving climbing and other recreation in the Red, as well as legitimizes fundraising for our organization on an international level.

About the Conservation Alliance

The Conservation Alliance (CA) is an organization of more than 130 outdoor industry companies that have banded together to fund grassroots organizations focused on protecting wildlife, particularly in areas where people recreate. Since its inception in 1989, CA has made contributions of more than $5.3 million and in 2007 will contribute $700,000. The RRGCC has applied for the allotted maximum amount of $30,000. To learn more about this organization, visit the Conservation Alliance web site.

About the EOG Association for Conservation

Founded on the same model as the U.S. Conservation Alliance, the EOG Association for Conservation is an initiative stemming from the European Outdoor Group to help preserve and protect natural environments worldwide. With an unceasing interest from our fellow European climbers (the Red is the first and the only U.S. crag featured in 8a, a popular European sport climbing rag), fingers are crossed for the recognition from the EOG Association for Conservation as a climbing and wildlife area well loved locally and internationally. However, the RRGCC’s grant application is only in the preliminary stages so stay tuned for results. To learn more about this organization, visit the EOG Association for Conservation web site.

About Petzl

(Provided by Petzl America is the U.S. division of Petzl, headquartered in France. For over 50 years, Petzl has been developing innovative tools and techniques used by those entering the vertical world. Today, the Petzl brand is closely associated with adventure, exploration, rescue, and many notable exploits in the worlds of rock climbing and alpinism. Petzl climbing hardware and headlamps can be found in outdoor specialty shops and premium sporting goods retailers around the world.

-Stephanie Meadows RRGCC BOD

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