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Fusion Product Recall - Double Ring Anchor

Submitted by admin on 2011-03-21

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Model Number BH-1011, Double Ring Anchor

Around Feb. 26 we were made aware of a defect in one of our products. On several of our Double Ring Anchors (BH-1011) we found that the welds were not complete and that the rings could fail at loads less than they’re rated weights. On most of the affected products the gap in the weld is very small (less than one millimeter) but on a few the gap was found to be as much as ¼” of the weld, leaving an exposed edge that could possibly cause rope damage.

Upon a 3rd party testing on the defective anchor, we have found the poorly welded ring could hold 18.6kN, and an un-welded ring tested at 16.4kN.

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We have contacted all customers who have purchased this product but some may have been resold so we are trying to inform anyone who may have installed this anchor in the past year. If you have purchased this anchor please visually inspect the rings for any gap in the weld. The rings are solid stainless steel so there is little to no risk of corrosion due to moisture seeping into the gap, and when installed as a pair they can still hold a minimum of 16kN each so there is little chance of failure. Our biggest concern is if the gap is big enough, the exposed edge could potentially damage or cut a climbing rope.

In addition, we have pulled this particular product and are working to fix the welding machine and inspection process so this does not happen again. We have also finished inspecting all similar products to insure that the problem was not systemic but localized to this specific product, in which we found out that no other products have the same problem.

We will gladly refund/credit/replace anyone who has anchors with the defect in the weld. We understand how difficult it can be to inspect an anchor installed on a route, let alone replace it and we apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We appreciate your understanding and are working to fix the problem and make sure it never happens again.

For any questions about this or any other product please contact our customer service at 909-393-9450 or email to

Fusion Climb Team


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