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2010 Christmas Gift Ideas

Submitted by admin on 2010-12-06 | Last Modified on 2010-12-07

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What? It's already December? Well that was my reaction when I looked at the calender last week. Apparently many people have already started their Christmas shopping, meaning some have also finished theirs. If you aren't part of the latter, then here are some ideas for Christmas presents to your climbing buddies (or for yourselves). And whether you're the festive type or not, you've got to admit it's a good feeling to give something to someone you care about (though even better to get something from someone you care about.)

Here are just a few climbing related Christmas gifts, ranging throughout the price spectrum.

First Ascent - Climbing DVD

While this First Ascent DVD is not new, just recently it found it's way into the eyes of many climbers and non-climbers alike as it became the first real rock climbing series to air on American television. After the show had aired there were many looking at buying the DVD, and with a price tag of $30, it will make a perfect gift for someone who had missed the series on the television.

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Simulator CNC Training Board

With a budget of around $80 this board isn't really going to break the bank, but it could offer you an ideal Christmas gift. The Simulator CNC has everything you need for training with 3 full hand jugs, 2 full hand rounded slopers, 2 flat slopers, 2 sets of 3 finger pockets, 3 indexed sets of 2 finger pockets and... Well a lot more. With an average on site user rating of 4.78/5 it is definitely worth having a look at.

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Climbing Magazine Subscription

Always a perfect gift, and not excessively expensive either. A subscription to Climbing magazine will set you back around $15 dollars for a year, a total of 10 issues.

Assorted Carabiners

Who doesn't love some new additions to their rack? Carabiners will set you back minimal amounts but still provide you with a decent gift. Perfect for those climbing acquaintances you don't know well enough just yet to spend a lot of money on.

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Testarossa Climbing Shoe's highest rated climbing shoe is currently on sale from Moosejaw (at the time of publication) for only $144.00 when using the discount savings code. This shoe is serious business and has received nothing but praise from most climbers. While these shoes take a bit of time to break in, once they do you realize just how much it was worth it. They feature an exaggerated down-turned toe which provides great precision on the rock face. If your budget is around the $150 mark, this is definitely an item to consider.

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Miura Climbing Shoe

Not sold on the Testarossa? There is another highly rated shoe on the market which offers new realms of precision. The Miura consists of 4mm Vibram XS Grip174 soles and a speed lacing system, ensuring a precise and equally quick fit. It is recommended that one takes the size of the

Mirua into consideration before buying, it is known to be a slightly larger shoe and owners tend to suggest downsizing by 2 sizes when purchasing the Miura. This item is also on sale from Paragon Sports at a bargain price of $100, so if you're looking to spend a bit less than the Testarossa for a shoe which is on the same level, the Miura is definitely our recommendation.

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Cobra Ice Axe

With the festive season comes snow, at least for much of the northern hemisphere, and with snow comes ice climbing potential. If you're into ice climbing or in this case, if you know someone that is into ice climbing and you're looking to spend a bit of cash then this may just be the item you're looking for (they're looking for?). The Cobra ice axe is no new comer to the market and has been available for over 5 years now, though it's still regarded as one of the best. With a carbon fibre shaft and patented split head you're going to find both reliability, durability and ease of use. You're going to be looking at a price of around $350, but quality is never cheap.

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Android Ice Axe Leash

Another item for you ice climbers out there, if your budget is a bit on the lower end you can consider the Android Ice Axe Leash, a highly rated leash which is well known for it's release clip which allows you to keep your wrist in the leash, saving energy and meaning far less hassle. You can pick one of these bad-boys up for around $45.

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Camalot C4

I don't think this Camalot C4 even needs an introduction. Popular among many climbers this solid piece of gear is obtainable for around $60, which when it comes to Christmas gifts is not a bad price at all. There's a few words that can explain this product: Reliable, strong and innovative.

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Super Chalk 5oz

Not looking to spend over $5? Moosejaw currently has a sale (at time of publication) on their 5oz Super Chalk for only $3.60. A perfect, cheap, small gift.

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Granted many of these items aren't new to the market at all, though one must admit, those most likely to be on the receiving ends of climbing gear are likely to be those new to the sport. But they are all pure quality, and when it comes to gifts- that is what you want right? Something that will last and be kept with the person for an extended period of time?

If nothing here excited or inspired you, be sure to browse through our gear database. There is bound to be something exciting that catches your eye.

Got any personal recommendations of new items on the market that you'd urge others to consider for their Christmas shopping list?

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