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Everest Records 2008

Submitted by aneel on 2008-07-17 | Last Modified on 2008-07-20

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by aneel Bhattacharya

This year 257 climbers climbed atop Mt. Everest. As the Tibet side was closed by the Chinese authorities, Nepal received the bulk of the Everest expedition teams. This year The Nepalese Govt. collected over Rs.200 million as permit fee from 30 expeditions. Permit fees for two all Nepalese expeditions were waived.

Record number of summits in a day - On 22nd May, 77 mountaineers summitted Mt.Everest, thus creating a record of maximum number of ascents in a single day. The previous record was 65 ascents made in the year 2005.

Appa Sherpa- Broke his own record by making this his 18th ascent, the maximum made by any person.

Min Bahadur Sherchan - The 77 years old from Myagdi district, Nepal became the oldest person to climb Everest.


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Can anyone say: "Celebrity shit show?"
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ok I will...."Celebrity shit show". Ok now gimme my 6-figure book deal and speaking engagement fees.
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commercialization of everest. *hurl* there's something about paying someone a ridiculous amount of money to haul you up a mountain that is just so fake.
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the more that climb it the less it means.

bring it on.
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Although its quite sad to see the commercialization of one the finest mountaineering achievements it doesn't take anything away from the difficulty and danger involved-even in short roping. Given the opp I would still go for it-no matter how many shit holes I'd have to step over
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I wouldn't tag anyone who summits Everst as being 'hauled' up the mountain. Everyone has to walk the path. Some carry less than others, and have better/higher stashes of gear, but no one gets there without an incredible effort.

That said, I am against the circus it has become. I know it is sad, but it is forever changed. It will never be what it was. If you think about it, that is true for anything that exists. As soon as you visit a place, it is changed forever, no matter how subtley.
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any real climber who has a hair on his ass would train and take the chance to climb everest if they could afford it(and im not talking about just paying guides, do it old school, can you take off a month from work?buy gear?assemble a team?hire sherpas?ect)......a poor country making money off those with the resorces or skill to try, good for them...nepal is a third world many people climbed el cap this year?? does it make it easier??would you climb it if had a chance?? have you climbed it?? do you feel your experience is diluted every time you hear of someone else doing it?? probably not, its a personal goal; do you think any of those 77 people give a rats ass what we think. no amount of neighsaying will take their summit away from them... any one who has never been above 25,000 feet or stepped foot on asian(let alone himalayan)soil should get off their high horse. there is always new routes/seasons/means of getting up that mountain...if it feels "watered down" to you, go establish a new route.

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