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Rock Climbing : News : Other News : GHM Opposes Olympic Torch Relay to Everest

GHM Opposes Olympic Torch Relay to Everest

Submitted by Alpine07 on 2008-04-22

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by Matt Rinard

This is a statement (translated) that the Groupe de Haute Montagne (GHM) made on April 18th 2008:

"As representatives of GHM, we declare our commitment to an alpinism that carries meaning, lofty ambitions and humanist values, foremost the respect of human rights and indigenous peoples.

We are opposed resolutely to any ascent, anywhere in the world, in which the spirit, the political or commercial reasons, or the conditions of conduct are contrary to these ethical principles. Thus:

- Because of the grave political troubles that have affected Tibet since China's annexation of that land in 1959;

- Because of the popular uprisings that have recently taken place there;

- And because of the bloody suppression currently exercised by the Chinese military authorities on the demonstrators

We believe that the project of the People's Republic of China to raise the Olympic torch at the top of Everest is particularly inappropriate, especially offensive to the Tibetan people and inherently degrading to the Himalayan climbing in general and in particular Everest.

Accordingly, we call upon all our fellow amateur alpinists and guides, lovers of all countries not to participate in any way to support the realization of this project.

On behalf of a real ethics of alpinism, which cannot accommodate such compromises, we also call on the national and international mountain organizations, professional unions and the national UIAGM, as well as all national alpine clubs, to declare themselves officially opposed and not to collaborate in any way."



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1 out of 5 stars I'm sure this will hurt China's feelings...If you really want to make a Statement get them to shoot you .. or jump off of Everest in Protest...
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I disagree with D33rhunt3r. Saving face is everything in Asia and the message is out - China, you're an oppressive country and we don't approve! I seriously doubt the Chinese gov has anything that resembles "feelings", but they are losing face thanks to the thousand of people around the globe who are protesting. Keep up the good work!
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I personally think that its just a bad idea to put a dead line on something that can be so dangerous, i'm sure that when it comes down to getting that torch over the summit the chinese government would have no problem sacrificing their climbers to do so.
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What?!?!?? China- an oppressive country?!?

And people around the globe don't approve!?

Wow... what incredible breaking news. I'm sure Wal-Mart is clearing their shelves right now... takeout orders are probably down to little or nothing... and Black Diamond has probably cancelled all orders for Chinese-made Camalot parts as of this announcement. Surely McDs is shutting the doors on their Beijing franchise even as we speak...

Yes, there is no doubt... in light of the way China has instantly responded to criticism in the past, I'm sure this latest mortal blow will bring them to their knees in no time... especially when such a stern finger-shaking comes from MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS, those pivotal hingepins of global social and economic stability.

No doubt we'll see the Dali Lama and Tibetan self-determination recognized at the Olympics, right before the world-wide broadcast of their abject apology.

Was that a pig that just flew by....?
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A bit of precisions about the GHM : it was created in the lates 1910's by the French Alpine Club, from which it later splits. His members now come from many different countries : by example, Neil Brodie was admitted last year, with a group of Iranian alpinists as well.
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what a dilemma.... do i support china's completely ridiculous, dangerous, narcissistic everest project, or do i side with the french. hmmm.... tough call. i heard they're going to get tim medvitz (star of everest: beyond the limits) to carry the torch to the top while crawling on his knees with a broken hand. hey, if china wants to accomplish the impossible, why dont they try cleaning all the trash off of that disgraceful example of what happens when alpine ambitions go wrong?
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1 out of 5 stars Saving face might mean something to the Japanese but I think it has little to do with China...If youy really want to make a statement dont buy ANYTHING made in China...
.....Good Luck.....
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1 out of 5 stars EM,I really dont think China is Asking anyone for its Moral Support... lol.. Nor does it need it ...
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1 out of 5 stars Roininthorne has it right ... Like all of the sudden Chinas lack of Human Rights(Communism) is News Worthy..

Gee its seems to me the Liberals keep voting to remove our Human Rights so whats the big deal ?? another decade or two of Liberalism and we'll be a Communist Country enslaved thru Government Taxes and Eviromental Regulations in the Extreme ..We are well on our way...
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This is completely unacceptable. Why don't people make a little ferry to take you to the top of Everest eh? Maybe with a Starbucks at the summit, you know, so tourists feel at home there.
I can't believe something so special has become a mere political stunt.
In my opinion, no climber who has a love for the mountains should be supporting such a thing.
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I'm pretty sure people here don't follow distance running, but I would love to see Ryan Hall win the marathon and make a statement somehow in the last miles - maybe a Tibetan flag in one hand, American in the other. He went 2:06:15 in London, and can easily hang with the best Kenyans.

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