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New Alaskan Alpine Club Archives

Submitted by on 2007-12-02

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by Doug Buchanan

The old cardboard boxes of climbing stuff are being unpacked at the new Alaskan Alpine Club headquarters.

And therefore if you want to downsize any of your cool old climbing stuff that may relate to Alaska or just cool climbing, including old magazine collections, the club will put your name with it so climbers in the future will know you were a cool old climber.

Oh, this is for real climbers only, because a lot of officially sanctioned, properly titled and governmentally endorsed mountain sorts with impressive organizational credentials are often not enamored with the image of the Alaskan Alpine Club, on account as we genuinely endorse the freedom of the mountains, much to the rage of the repugnant US National Park Service Police and their ilk who perceive that climbers must register with the central authority or be arrested, fined and jailed.

What? No, the club has no money to pay for such things. Our members spend their money on climbing equipment, which is what you should do, and not pay any government climbing fees which only pay for the police who are there to arrest you if you do not pay them for their lies about how they use your money. So if we get your cool old climbing stuff in the mail, we will find a place for it if it fits, and tell a story about it, even if we have to invent one.

After you get rid of that old stuff that you are not going to use again, you will have space for new climbing stuff that you will use more often.

You can check out the club website at to see just what sort of sorts with whom your old climbing stuff will be associated.

And if we do not fill up the small climber bunk room also, you will be welcome at the club headquarters when you get to town, which you will be anyway.

And keep on having entirely too much fun.

Doug, the club slave.


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I really miss home..../salute to the ole AAC

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