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Urban Climber buys Climbing Magazine

Submitted by phaedrus on 2007-01-19 | Last Modified on 2007-01-21

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by Todd Mayville

New York, NY, January 5th, 2007 Skram Media LLC, a platform company led by Mark Crowther, the publisher of Urban Climber Magazine and UCTV, announced today that it has completed the purchase of Climbing Magazine and from PRIMEDIA, Inc. (NYSE:PRM). Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Climbing Magazine Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Thesenga will continue to serve in his role from the current location in Carbondale, Colorado.

Thesenga said, "We have a talented and cohesive group here, and I am excited that Mark wants us to continue to build Climbing Magazine with our current staff from our current location. As part of an independent and entrepreneurial publishing group, Climbing Magazine and Urban Climber Magazine will be the unrivaled leaders in the climbing world."

Crowther, Skram Media's Chief Executive Officer, said the acquisition helps implement the company's strategy of being the leading special-interest media company in outdoor sports, with a targeted portfolio of magazines and websites, all founded on a green ethic - both Climbing and Urban Climber magazines are printed on 100% recycled paper.

"Our launch of Urban Climber Magazine, in 2004, followed by the launch of our climbing film and video network - UCTV - last year, established us as a leader in the youth market. With the addition of Climbing Magazine and to our group, we are now the leading media company for climbers of all ages," said Crowther. "This consolidation enables us to offer our advertisers ease of media planning, with opportunities to reach even more climbers at different stages of their skills and interests - across print and digital formats," he added.

Joe Iurato, Editor-in-Chief of Urban Climber Magazine, said, "We've had a long-standing relationship with the crew at Climbing Magazine - based on mutual trust and respect. It's exciting to be working with them to reach climbers of all ages."

Jim Karn of Metolius Climbing, manufactures of rock climbing gear for more than two decades, added, "Urban Climber has become unquestionably the most influential and important magazine for young climbers. More importantly, they have consistently offered us more value for our advertising dollar and better service than the other climbing magazines. Mark's acquisition of Climbing Magazine means that reaching another critical segment of our target market will now be more cost effective and totally hassle free. It's the best thing that has happened to our marketing budget in the last 10 years."

As well as growing existing magazines and websites, Skram Media's future plans include the launch of a trail-running magazine, brand extensions, and further development of digital media to expand the magazines' reach and relevance to their target audiences.

(Source: Outdoor Industry Association Press Room press release)


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Oh dear...
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Well, I suppose now we'll see a massive drop in the number of Jeep ads stuck just inside a cover lamenting habitat impact and global warming, hmmmm.....
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I predict this will be good for Alpinist
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I had a few bucks on a Border's gift card this winter and picked up a UC mag and it was a little bit annoying to try and find the article in it. I dunno, I might be checking Alpinist or R&I come next subscription renewal.
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Well, that should spell the end of Climbing Magazine. Urban Climber sucks! The layouts, photos, and articles are hastily put together and alltogether uninteresting. This should be good for Rock and Ice though.
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Wow! You guys are really negative. I love adventure a big routes more than anyone. And true, UC is primarily directed towards the 20 and younger crowd who mostly only care about V-Hard boulder problems and overhanging sport routes but those pictures in UC should motivate in the crustiest old mountaineer. I personally am excited about the upcoming newly merged magazine and look foward to seeing more of those great pics. I for one am not afraid to admit that those kids who don't know what a nut tool is, one day just might take that double-digit boulder power to the bigger routes. And even if they don't, the one's who truly love it, are having their own adventures out there. Don't be a hater!!
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from the sound of it, climbing magazine will not change its content. It has the same staff, edited in the same town, an will look the same in the future. The only change perhaps could be in the advertising, less car ads am more industry adds I imagine. I look forward to the future of both UC and Climbing.
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Thanks for the news. Send zoloft.
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As long as I am incapable of noticing a difference in climbing magazine, they will still get my subscription money. But if it turns into some kinda teenie-bopper, bullshit mag then R&I will win my thousands and thousands of pennies.
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I'm a crusty trad climber, but I dig UC. Not big on the hip hop/ urban grafiti aethstetic, but is pretty slick, with cool shots and does not try to further lionize the hippie era dirtbag climber living out of his Volksvan as the ideal. The chicks in the pics DEFINITELY do not look like the leathery bulldaggers in bandannas I've seen in Climbing mag since the 70's, either.

I welcome the new vanguard.
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4 out of 5 stars Screw the Youth market. The climbing magazine industry needs to retain the audiance that fills out their circulation OLD GUYS WHO WISH THAT THEY CLIMBED MORE (not better).
Rock Climbing, as an activity, is not football. People don't play for a season as children and then follow the sport for the rest of their lives.
The Urban Climber generation is not durable. The reader's of these mags aren't really climbers, they are people who are "trying climbing out". Maybe they buy a crash pad and a pair of shoes - even go bouldering a couple times a year. But once these children turn 21 they'll get beer fat and never climb again - Instead they'll take up Mountain Biking (or Kyaking which is technically as cool as watching football).
They Climbing magazine industry has to get their acts in line!
Did anyone see Climbing's "danger issue?" 'pucker factor' what? LAME!
And what is up with R&I's new format. Sure doesn't make easier to read on the plane. If I read rock and ice tell their readers that they didn't change their mag for add space, then I'm going to bust out my ruler and word counter and emprically prove that they are liars.
ONE MORE THING - Editors of these mags. Please visit a part of the country that is not CO or CA, IF I READ ABOUT RIFLE ONE MORE TIME I'M GOING TO PUKE AND KILL MYSELF and the I will not be able to renew my subscription.
I suggest that climbers stop reading these mags altogether. INSTEAD - find some coppies of Climbing Mag from the 70's and 80's - great writing - great stories by the guys who climbed the routes - gives the modern climber a sense of origin and respect - oh, and NO ADDS.
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Damn, I wish I subscribed to Rock and Ice instead. How to look and act cool does not concern me much anymore.
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mainstreaming of anything artistically pure or legitimate is a sad reality that every underground has to face. ill just save my money like ive been doing. I mean its nice to know that people can send v13 and so on but that doesnt do a damn thing to help me improve. All of the mags are too commercial in my opinion, and by shifting the focus onto the "pros" it kind of ruins it for me. If i wanted that id have stuck with basketball or soccer.
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Yeah, this isn't the best thing to happen to climbing magenize. Climbing has changed in the past few years from its traditional roots to being more "hip". Alpinist will get more people probally but it is so expensive!!!! But mabey one mag will become ad free? that would be cool.

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