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The End of Urban Climber

Submitted by admin on 2012-07-05

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Urban Climber magazine is no more. After a promising start to the magazine which was founded by the publisher Mark Crowther, the magazine fell on hard times in recent years due to both an increase in digital demand which was felt to be strongly lacking from the magazine and an increase in competition. The magazine which was bought by Skram Media in 2007, was done so by the company which in part with Climbing magazine was said to open up greater opportunity and reach for advertisers.

Just a few years ago Urban Climber magazine which was aimed at younger climbers in particular seemed to be going strong with impressive circulation numbers after just a few years on the circuit, and was reporting good growth, but this soon started to wane and in the beginning of 2012 the magazine saw a large dip in its advertising market-share.

Some have attributed the decline in the magazine to the purchase of both Climber and Urban Climber from Skram Media, by the company Active Interest Media, which appeared to have worked out an agreement with Skram whereby AIM would be responsible for the management of the magazines. Active Interest Media is a fairly large publisher of magazines and casts doubt as to whether the magazine decline was a result of management issues or merely a change in tides regarding the acceptance of climbing magazines by the younger generation in a digital age.

Regardless of the reasons, Urban Climber has shut its doors. For those who are subscribers, there are a couple of options available - either receiving a refund on your subscription or migrating the subscription over to Climbing magazine.


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It's is only for "it is," not for the possessive. Sorry to be a stupid grammar nerd but you did it twice and I get all squeamish.
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Is it me or has Climbing mag been sucking lately. I hate to say it but it pales in comparison to Rock and Ice.
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I recently picked up my subscription to Climbing after having it laps for a couple of years... kind of sorry I did. The quality is not at all what it used to be. I thought it was just the first few issues but I am now seeing a trend. This article may provide the explaination.
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All seem to fail in comparison to Alpinist magazine.
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Urban Climber won't be missed.
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I always felt Urban Climber was "poser-ish". It seemed to really want to push a snowboarding lifestyle into the climbing realm and saw the climbing scene as one where fashion with weird patterns and loud colors was important, along with the whole "extreme sports", in your face attitude, and the need for hydration ala Gatorade G2 or sports drinks were important. It just seemed like an advertising vehicle searching for an audience. It just seemed to target the demographic of the annoying group of 13 year olds at the gym who go spray paint tagging in their spare time and throw rocks down the crag when their bored.

Contrasted to Rock and Ice where everything is about natural beauty alongside thoughtful athleticism with quite grace and humility. Climbs on a world scale with beautiful photography. That's the kind of mag I'd spend money on.
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Well said rgbscan. I completely agree. I won't be sad to see the magazine go away.

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Picked up an issue of Climbing after a very long hiatus and was blown away by the decline in content and quality. A couple really good articles but not even close to being worth it. Very sad - it was an awesome mag going back to the 80's when I started reading.

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