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Rock Climbing Calendar : Trips and Expeditions : Carstensz Pyramid Expedition

Carstensz Pyramid Expedition

2015-04-19 to 2015-05-07
Carstensz Pyramid
+62 81340798030

Expedition to Carstensz Pyramid basecamp there are only two access; Aksess By Trekking and access By helicopter. TREKKING: 1. Trekking Through Sugapa Village, District of Intan Jaya 14 day trek in and trek out. 2. Trekking through Ilaga village, District of Puncak Jaya 14 day trek in and trek out HELICOPTER We are offer expedition by helicopter with two access through from Nabire or from Timika. 1. Expedition by helicopter start from NABIRE "helicopter type Belt 212" with a capacity of only 300 to 350 kg, stop at Enarotali for refueling, and proceed to basecamp 4.300m 2. The expedition by helicopter start from Timika "type of helicopter MI" with a capacity of 3.000kg, fly directly to basecamp 4.300m.

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