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Feeling Safe is Dangerous - 2005-08-17 by arnoilgner

You think staying in your comfort zone keeps you safe. No so. Only by getting out of your comfort zone and into risky situations do you understand risks properly.
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Why Are You Taking a Risk? - 2005-08-17 by arnoilgner

Complimentary article to "Feeling Safe is Dangerous". Looking into the climbing mags for examples of why climbers take risks.
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Help! My Power is Leaking! - 2006-01-15 by arnoilgner

We all have ample amounts of power to climb, but we tend to waste it. Our power leaks away due to disempowering behaviors. By understanding ways we waste power we reduce those leaks and are better able to focus on the task at hand.
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Motivation Justification - 2006-03-17 by arnoilgner

Where does your motivation come from, sending routes and ticking them off your list OR from what you learn from the experience? Sit back, read, and see how you may be justifying your motivation.
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Serious Fun - 2006-03-17 by arnoilgner

Can you have fun and still be serious and disciplined about climbing? Top climbers seem to be able to. --This is a companion article for Justification Motivation. This article looks into the climbing magazines for examples of motivation.
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Balancing Act - 2007-04-18 by ARNO ILGNER

Balancing Act Possibility drives us to do things, many times to the detriment of other parts of our lives. Possibility, tempered with appropriateness, can guide us to deeper levels of learning and connections with our world. Possibility, tempered by appropriateness, will help us take risks that allow us to learn and reduce chances of injury. Let's see how this plays out in climbing.
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Learning How to Learn - 2008-03-20 by ARNO ILGNER

Learning How to Learn Most climbers avoid the learning process by looking for tricks or techniques to get around the stress or fear that is inherent in learning. This won't work. You must go through the stress and fear to learn. Here's how...
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Deliberate Transitions are Ambiguous - 2008-07-01 by ARNO ILGNER

Deliberate Transitions are Ambiguous Climbing is full of transitions and how you negociate them will determine how deliberate you climb. Transitions, however, are full of ambiguity and climbers tend to rush these transitions or stall out in them.
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The Mental Toughness Error - 2008-11-14 by ARNO ILGNER

The Mental Toughness Error Craig was pumped and needed to make a decision quickly. His last protection...
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