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News > Accidents and Injuries

Three Missing on Mt. Hood UPDATED - 2006-12-22 by Gary unknown

Searchers continue to be hampered by high winds and poor weather while they search for three climbers, missing since Sunday on Oregon's Mt. Hood. The climbers intentions were well known. Climb the 11,239 foot mountain via a route on the difficult north face, then descend the south face. The three failed to appear at a pre-arranged meeting with a friend on Saturday afternoon
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Search abandoned for illegal French climbers - 2006-11-25 by socialclimber

Four French mountaineers who illegally crossed into Tibet from Nepal to climb the 7200m Ganesh Himal 7, are believed to have died in an avalanche.
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Harald Berger Killed in Ice Fall - 2006-12-24 by Gary unknown

Austrian Harald Berger, three times Ice climbing World Champion, died on the 20th of December after the roof of an ice cave he was climbing in collapsed on him. No others were hurt.
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Body Of US Climber Found:UPDATED - 2006-12-29 by Gary unknown

The body of one American climber has been identified, the other still missing on Genyen Mountain in southwest China's Sichuan Province.
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Bees Render Climber Unconscious - 2007-03-21 by socialclimber

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Japanese Climber Lucky To Be Alive - 2007-01-27 by Gary unknown

Two climbers are dead due to a rock fall from near the top of Mt. Cook, New Zealands heighest mountain, the third climber in the group survived because his anchor was cut by the same rockfall.
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Danish Climber Dies in Mt.Cook National Park - 2006-12-06 by Gary unknown

At 7.30am this morning emergency services received a call that a 24 year old woman had fallen 300m near Annette Plateau in the Mt Cook National Park. She has since been rescued by the Mt Cook Rescue Team and flown to Christchurch Hospital where her condition is said to be serious. "She has suffered serious head injuries," says Constable Brent SWANSON, Twizel Police. The woman had been a member of a party of four clients with a guide on a basic
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Veteran Dies on Everest - 2007-04-29 by socialclimber

The 40 year old Dawa Sherpa, fell into a crevasse on Thursday between camps two and three while working as part of the Everest International Expedition.
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UPDATED - Reardon Feared Dead - 2007-07-16 by Gary unknown

Mike Reardon is missing, presumed drowned while on a climbing trip to Ireland
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News > Ascents

Canadian Breaks Seven Summits Record - 2006-11-29 by Gary unknown

Daniel Griffith, 55, set an incredible world record having finished climbing the highest peaks on each of the seven continents within 187 days, which puts him in the Guinness Book of World Records.
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Life After Rhapsody For Dave MacLeod - 2007-02-17 by Gary unknown

Dave MacLeod believes at 8c+, his latest route, Bodyswerve, could be the hardest sport line in Scotland.
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Stephen Koch and Hans Johnstone Bag New Route on Grand Teton - 2007-02-23 by Gary unknown

On February 6th, Stephen Koch and Hans Johnstone completed a new route on the north face of the Grand Teton, Wyoming.The 300m route is situated between Shea’s Chute and the Alex Lowe Memorial Route and "Ascends a weakness up a beautiful granite buttress." says Koch.
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News > Locations and Access

China plans Restrictions for Everest. - 2006-12-12 by Gary unknown

Climbers hoping to save themselves a little money and bureaucracy by climbing Everest via Tibet may soon face restrictions as the 2008 China Olympics looms. The China Tibet Mountaineering Association (CTMA) intends to increase fees and restrict permit numbers as of Spring next year.
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Climbers Buy boulder Field with Help From Chaco/Rock-Creek - 2007-01-12 by socialclimber

Chaco and Rock/Creek Outfitters raise over $8000 during the Triple Crown Bouldering Series to help the Southeastern Climbers' Coalition finalize the purchase of Boat Rock. Once threatened by development, this area is now a green space owned and managed by climbers.
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NJ Climbers Seek Legal Equality in State Parks - 2007-01-29 by Gary unknown

Contending that what they do is no more dangerous than horse riding or mountain biking, an advocacy group Access NJ is lobbying the state to recognize climbing in all its forms as a permissible activity in state parks.
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News > Obituaries

Bradford Washburn, the Man Who Measured Everest - 2007-01-13 by socialclimber

Bradford Washburn, founder of the Boston Museum of Science, avid mointaineer and photographer, has died at age 96.
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Hugh Banner Passes On - 2007-04-23 by Gary unknown

Hugh Banner, founder of the HB Climbing company, has died.
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News > Other News

Helicopter Rescue Possible On Everest Summit Soon - 2007-02-10 by socialclimber

Six years of research and development has lead to a helicopter design with the performance to carry out rescues from the summit of Mt. Everest.
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News > Trips and Expeditions

Treck And Ascent Sets Record - 2007-01-04 by socialclimber

Four Australians have set a new record by being to first team to trek from the Antarctic coast to the summit of Mt. Vinson. The men carried suplies for the for the 400 kilometer journey on sleds.
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Fowler and Boskoff Missing in China:UPDATED - 2006-12-27 by Gary unknown

Two well known and accomplished climbers are missing in Eastern Tibet. Chris Boskoff, the owner of Mountain Madness Inc and her partner, Charlie Fowler were due to return to the US on December 4th. There are conflicting reports of the pairs whereabouts.
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