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May 6, 2008, 11:25 PM

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Re: [caliclimbergrl] Where do you usually rack your gear (protection) when leading?
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I rack all of my cams and nuts on my sling (which is mainly what I was asking about for the purposes of this poll), and all of my runners/draws on my harness. That's what I see about 90% of the time when I'm out climbing. But whenever I read threads on this board, I always read tons of posts from people claiming to rack up on their harness. I wondered if those people are in the minority and just more vocal or if a lot of people really do rack up that way. I thought a poll would be the best way to get those quit people to give their input so we can see how *most* people really do it. And it looks like at least half (if not more) really do rack on their harnesses! So where do all you people climb, because I almost never see people do it that way! LOL

I totally understand why people rack that way -- it can get annoying when my harness swings around to the front when I'm leading. But I like to have the option to move the sling around to find the right gear rather than reaching all over the place on my harness and being thrown off balance on the climb in the process. It's the lessor of two evils for me. Also, I can't put slings over my shoulder. I'm 5'4 and have a very short torso and long legs and narrow shoulders as well. So slings over my shoulder end up around my waste and in the crook of my elbow which can really screw you up when you're climbing!! So I carry my pro on a sling and my slings and draws on my harness. I think if I were taller, I might rack up on my harness, but given my body proportions, a sling works best for me.

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