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Aug 20, 2010, 6:53 PM

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Re: [blueeyedclimber] Signal to Noise
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Started climbing (I think) in 1979 and it's been one of the main things in my life ever since. My wife and daughter both climb and basically all my friends are (or have been) climbers.

I generally tend to avoid the serious, technique related climbing threads like the plague, although once I got involved in a bowline thread that turned out pretty good. I like rgold's posts OK and usually take the time to read them, if I see them. But I think this site would be worse than boring if there was some kind of attempt to get all the "experienced" climbers to emulate the rgold style.

I might have made a couple of helpful posts, who knows? But I really don't think it's such a good idea to come to internet forums (like this one) to try to learn something important about climbing. The best you can hope for is maybe some kind of connection, or maybe something you can recognize as meaningful from your own experience. That's the nature of the forum beast. I don't think agressive moderation can fix that. Plus you gotta love those threads that go like this: "I might be traveling to South America. Is there any place to climb there?"

On the other hand, when people have contacted me (through this site) with a sincere interest to climb in my area, I've had no problem taking them out and showing them around, and even inviting them to sleep in my climbing gym, if they have nowhere else to stay. So I guess I've been helpful in that way.

I come here more for the human drama, the humor, the fights, the gossip. That's what interests me. I like the different personalities and the tensions that can occur. After not looking in for a few days, is it any wonder then, that I lost a whole day of work today, catching up?

Every now and then (not too often) someone (dingus comes to mind) actually does say something about climbing that surprises me and that can I recognize as true from my own experience. Those moments are great, but I don't see any recipe for making this happen more than it does now.

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