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Nov 21, 2011, 9:23 AM

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Re: [jacques] What is a trad season for you
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jacques wrote:
guangzhou wrote:
if you have constant injury related to training for climbing and this means you're losing out on climbing, I recommend you reconsider how you train.

Overtraining is complex. In wikipedia, they explain the process a little: Good to look a it.

I was so tired that I hardly can do my job and some days, I slept 13 hours in a row. I thought that it could be lime disease. I was under stress and training for almost five years. Two or three years ago, when I had the operation for carpal tunel, i continue and try to recover. but i never be able to do the load of exercise that I did before.

Irritability, loss of concentration and motivation is also to consiider. Climbing over my pro begin to be harder. I had a shoulder dislocation in that time. Took eight week to come back to climb. and i push again to do a big wall. this summer, my body hurt me and I realise that some thing go wrong.

Training was good, but all the other aspect of my life change and i have more stress. for example, I drove 11 hours each week end to climb. It is great, but it is hard.

Are you absolutely sure it is overtraining? Have you spoken to health and sports professionals?

To me, if you are still interested in climbing and wondering how to do it more and better you're not likely to be overtrained. A common tell-tale of overtraining includes being absolutely sick at the thought of training or your sport.

I could be wrong, clearly there's not enough information here to talk with authority but I'd make sure it wasn't glandular fever, chronic fatigue or some other health issue.

Hope you get better and on track again,



EDIT: Some how I missed a section of your post when reading it; sounds also like a consideration is not so much overtraining as under-recovering.

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