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Nov 20, 2013, 8:29 PM

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Re: [dingus] Hi--I'm the new owner--ask me anything
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dingus wrote:
5. Reformat - instead of this highly gerrrymandered forum structure that serves to separate people, make it an open mosh pit, one or two discussion groups at the most. Get rid of all these stupid little compartments. Its a hold over from ADHA Ritilin kids of the 90s. Grownups can discern for themselves don't need no stinking heavy-handed librarians moving shit around and editing the intellectual property (such as it is) of others.

I disagree. To some an open pit encourages community, but that would only be a community of those who either like or tolerate that format. Others may get tired of the politics/religion/campfire/whatnot threads overwhelming climbing ones. And folks that like that format already have supertopo - why copy it? (Supertopo even added some "tabs", and there are intermittent user calls to filter the political posts so one pit doesn't even appeal to all users there).

For participating in ongoing discussions, one can always use the "recent posts" link. That provides a supertopo-like view of most of the forums. That is my main stop here and on MP. However, when I am looking for specific info I like being able to browse by specific topics. Or when I've been away a long time and don't want to keep scrolling back through pages of recent posts when I just want to see if there is anything new in topics I care about.

I have zero interest in anything that gets posted in soapbox, for example, and would dislike wading through that stuff regularly.

Granted, too much specificity can be stifling, so I could see some pruning / merging (like happened to the separate photo forums, or merging of aid and big wall). Part of that is due to the poor search capabilities. It is easier to browse aid climbing topics than to try and locate them with the site's search functionality. Improved search would help some, but even a good search engine will have trouble finding you all of the aid climbing topics discussed. Perhaps the ability to tag topics (which the users could then filter by) would improve ability to find older discussions with less forum categories.

Having flaws and doesn't merit tossing the whole concept out in my opinion.

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