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Dec 26, 2013, 4:28 PM

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Re: [cracklover] Hi--I'm the new owner--ask me anything
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cracklover wrote:
Gmburns2000 wrote:
dingus wrote:
Gmburns2000 wrote:
dingus wrote:
One doesn't need permission or approval to upload photos to facebook or photobucket.


Yeah, but that's your personal site. You're not uploading to your personal site here on the knob...and I'm glad we have editors to help ensure this stays somewhat of a climbing site, even if their recent record is spotty at best.

I'm not uploading any photos to this site. It has a lousy track record for respecting user copyrights and have you LOOKED at the quality of the photo presentation on this site? HELLO????



I know, me neither. I'm just saying I'm glad there are editors as opposed to FB or other sites.

As one of the photo editors here, I'm quite interested in hearing any constructive feedback. I don't have the power to change the software that we use to load pics, but perhaps there are other issues? You mentioned that our track record recently is "spotty at best". Could you clarify what it is you'd like to see done differently?



Here you GO, go, sincere input from a guy who can crank out readable TRs and the reasons I won't use this site for it.

POST EDIT: The text below is formatted in the post editor. I have indents and spacing so that it makes my outline readable. When presented... it LOOKS LIKE SHIT. So fixing the actual post presentation to something newer than 1999, is a necessary step too, to get to easy to create trip reporting with rich photo support, bulk upload bulk delete.

POST POST EDIT: Lose the nested quotes. That is one of the stupidest features I've ever seen and it is abused on this site to stupid extents. LOSE IT.

Here are the features I need in order to make photos useful:

1. Easy way to hotlink to a photo storage site like photobucket or flikr. Rather than build your own.

2. If you want to host images:
a. Bulk upload
b. Accept modern image sizes and store them in the original size
c. Resize the images as a function of the screen display, offer thumb, medium and large formats with a simple tag parameter
d. Provide a 'my photos' WORK area where a user can select and bulk delete photos and they are actually removed from the database and deleted from the system
e. D is import so that if a resulting Trip Report is deleted for some reason the linked photos stay behind. Its up to the user to maintain her own photos, and she decides to delete or not, but she must have the basioc tools to do so.
f. Add mobile device image upload support or leverage the tact that FB et al are used this way. Make it easy to upload a photo from the field, simple stupid and app for that
g. So create a mobile TR App that lets adventuerers snap pics and input captions and write and create postable reports as they go. It needs good image sizing and presentation fo higher image res on the site is vital, images need to be bid and beautiful, that's what social media is FOR!!! Make that mobile TR app...
3. Editors should be behind the scenes and should only be employed to remove images that violate TOS. A casual copyright infringement for non-profit purposes... leave those be. Now grabbing someone's commercial iomage and claiming it as one's own... those should be deleted when necessary. Its not the job of editors, imo, to comment on anything else such as the quality of the image, etc. Butt out.
4 Images should not require approval for posting to the site. From anyone. If an image violates TOS, an editor may delete it (without explanation, imo). If a user continues to flagrantly violate TOS delete the user. This is a workl habit thing - I write TRs around images. I stack the images the way I want them and then visually story tell around them. So my stories grow like paintings, adding a line here and there to get the scene I want.... its interactive for me and I have to have instant access to the presentation layer as I write. I want to see what my readers are seeing, real time.
So the only job of a photo editor is to delete unwanted images. Editors should have no say as to what images are posted to this site. I think a combo of votes and clicks (eyes) on any goven image should make it float to the top of the stack - most popular, etc.

Editing the photos for the front page... now that is an editor's job. Simple votes not good enough, or are eyes. Where an editor can show her discerning eye and present the images we SHOULD HAVE BEEN SEEING.

I can't stress it enough - until there is bulk upload and true bulk delete (of both one's own photos and one's own posts), HARD delete mind you, out of the DB, I won't use this site much. That bulk delete function should provide a SELECT ALL option. Click delete, click again to confirm and BAM, hard delete all posts, out of the system

There ya go, just to show you I'm sincere in my many criticims of this bankrupt Animal Farm.

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