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Doing dynos and climbing on steep edges and other problems. HELP ME PEOPLE!
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Ok, so I have been climbing for like a month. I've been in the gym today, I decided to climb to the "edgy" and "more inclined" parts in the climbing gym. Problem is I CAN'T FREAKING CLIMB THE FREAKING EDGY STEEP ROCK. I've been advised by my instructor and all I CAN'T FOLLOW them, I'm so FRUSTRATED till now.

So I found what's holding me back: Instead of my weight being in my LEGS, I PUT MY WEIGHT IN MY ARMS! My arms are thin and weak. Even if I keep forcing my weight to be on my legs, I can't, it automatically goes to my arms, BECAUSE I KEEP HANGING!

Then, I also attempted to do dyno, because I can't reach some rocks because the nearby rocks are too small and slippery. Im pretty sure I do the right position but then when I reach, MY HANDS WOULD ALWAYS SLIP!

Well in general I wanna ask:
1. How to AVOID putting my weight on my arms when hanging and climbing and put the weight in my LEGS instead?
2. How do I NOT get my hands slip when doing DYNO?
3. HOW DO I CLIMB A STEEP ROCK?! I've been attempting to do them for like 5 times and I end up getting my arms very used and go home.

PS: I was thinking maybe my shoes are too slippery or my climbing methods are wrong!

At the end, I end up giving up and going home with painful and sore arms. Unsure I tried to search for climbing techniques, THEY ALL SAY THE SAME THING TO PUT MY WEIGHT ON LEGS BUT WHEN I TRY (I tried 5 mins ago in my door) I END UP USING MY ARMS!! Frown

NEED YOUR ADVICES please Im so totally frustrated! Thanks!!

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