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Jun 3, 2014, 1:02 PM

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Re: [isayne14tennis] Lifting weights and the effect on climbing
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Fair enough, but I feel like you're creating an unnecessary distinction. You can do bodyweight exercises (is this what you mean by calisthenics?) in a weightlifting gym, and supplement them with other exercises. I'm not advocating for climbers doing military presses either.

I never said anything about wide grip pullups, just the benefit of adding an external load to pullups. Interestingly, a narrower grip appears to result in higher lat activation than a wide grip. I believe that increased strength from weighted pullups could easily come in handy when climbing, relative hand position doesn't have to come into the equation.

Maybe you can quickly add mass when you lift weights, but for many it's not so easy. Further, I think the majority of climbers have a weightlifting training age close to zero, so nearly all of their initial gains are of the neuromuscular variety.

Anyway, I'd agree with you on the benefits of front levers and muscle ups, though I feel you're overstating the difficulty of such maneuvers. But if they are difficult for people not as strong as you or I, it's appropriate to regress the exercise. RGold has written about the use of latex tubing and pulleys to artificially decrease bodyweight in order to train things like one arm pullups, but thats not the only way to do it.

Cable columns and a lat pulldown machine can be great choices for someone using them with one arm, as there is a pulling and anti-rotation quality. It can also serve as as a regression to one arm pullups.

Split squats and single leg deadlifts my prove useful for strength and balance gains requisite for advanced lower body exercises like a pistol squat.

Lastly, I'd advocate some amount of pressing (training antagonistic muscles of our pulling muscles), whether it is overhead or horizontal (bench pres). DB's are probably a better choice for climbers.

Sorry if my post came off as negative, I didn't intend that.

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