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Review by: skidawg, 2005-01-15

I have had this stove for more than a year now, and love it. This think is like a jet, it puts out an incredible abount of power, and is extremely efficient as far as using fuel goes. It also says that only the coleman fuel can be used with it, but you can use many fuels (it's just better to use the cleaner/more efficient coleman fuel). The windscreen is incredible on this thing works very well, even when I blow really hard into the flame, and is hard to put out. When you shut the fuel off, a needle cleans the jet valve also, which they don't mention on the box either. Another big plus is that is is very small, and very very light. The legs extend better than any other stove I have used, and is very easy to position for a stable cooking surface. When they say you don't need priming, they mean it too. You turn it on (I found it's best to turn on the tank with the adjust valve closed on the unit itself, and then turn the adjusting valve open slowly while igniting) and light pools of fuel like the ultralight, of course not as good as gas, but pretty close to it. I had a little trouble lighting it in the mountains in snow, but it did work well while my buddies stove didn't. One thing I can complain about though is that the gasket did go out after about a year of use, which I found quite surprising (good thing they come with an extra, or I would have neen hosed). I think the price is also extremely rediculous (I got it on sale though, so it was a good deal for me). I have used many stoves, and feel that this one excells above the others.

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