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Reviews for Satellite Crashpad Average Rating = 4.50/5 Average Rating : 4.50 out of 5

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Great pad 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: gilles, 2007-04-17

This is a great little pad if you need to fill some gaps. All my friends have pads of varying sizes, and when we are all together each pad does a different job. This pad has mainly been used for things like covering rocks on the side of all the other crash pads, and most of the time it makes for a great filler. I also boulder 10 to 15 foot problems with it alone, and the foam is thick enough that I have never bottomed out on it. i highly recomend it if you need a nice compact pad for circuits or low ball problems.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: ocean, 2006-09-14

I won this pad a little under a year ago and for traveling, buildering or traversing its great. This little lowballer has stiff foam, it is compact and besides the freaking ugly color its a great little pad.

so if your looking for something compact, or something to fill in some holes or low lying caves this pad is a must have for your quiver.

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Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: bouldersdothebodygood, 2005-04-19

i bought mine for an extra pad for my woody and for traveling. it has been great. the foam is great i have taken falls from about 12 feet up and it has not bottomed out. not bad for its size!

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: ringfinger, 2004-06-22

I bought this pad because I needed something that I could take with me while traveling. It's small enough to make transportation easy, but also has a decent sized landing. The ease of use is great. My only complaint is that the foam feels a little soft... But I guess this isn't made for 20' falls anyway.

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