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La Sportiva Barracudas 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: hibby11, 2006-12-21

I have owned three pairs of shoes and this is my favorite by far. Before these shoes I had been addicted to 5.10's, I have the spires, anasazi lace ups and the galileo's. They all have their own positives but none have fit like the barracuda's do. As others have said they are great if you have a low to mid volume shoe. I love the rubber upper webbing. It helps stick the shoe in cracks and they feel more secure than any other shoe has.

The only downside i've seen with these so far is the rubber. Having had the galileos and anasazi's i've been used to 5.10's amazing rubber. So as others have said when this rubber is gone i'll resole with Onyx.

Overall a GREAT shoe that fits amazing

Barracuda 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: chomage, 2006-11-13

These are my 5th pair of shoes. I've tried on every I could in the last year to try and get the perfect fit. There is not a Five ten in the universe that fits my feet both comfortably and tightly . This one does both for sure. I wear a 9 1/2 street and sized these down to 7 1/2. No stretch after 5 sessions the past two weeks. If you have narrow feet, a long middle toe and your heels slop out of the most cranked down Five Tens, give these a shot. The only thing is that I will resole w/ onyx after the vibram wears out.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: mrnicely, 2006-10-18

I was interested in getting a shoe with a down turned toe. I was looking at getting a pair of the new 2006 Dragons or the Evolv Talon. Couldn't find either of these shoes in my area. They did however have this shoe so I tried it on.I wear a size 10.5 US and got my Barracudas in a size 9.5. I fit these very tight but not painful. I tried on the 9 as well but that was too much for my feet. I also really like the way the top laces are configured. You can position them any way you want to get a really nice fit. I have the laces placed really far back so that it hold my back foot into the shoe. Works very nice.Things I've noticed about the shoe:
The rubber is great. Very sticky. I've climbed in these outdoors and indoors. They are simly awesome. I also own a pair of mad rock Phoenix, and I can definitely tell the difference between the two. I once tried to match feet with my Barracudas (indoors) and my bottom foot just wouldn't budge. I wasn't used to the rubber and actually had to hop to switch fit. With my Phoenixs I can just slide the bottom foot out.With this shoes you can really step on small stuff too. We have a route in my gym called "Skittles" and I'm sure you can imagine why. I feel like my Barracudas can step on anything. Outdoors the performed extremely well too. I really like being able to pull myself along with my feet and I feel these excel. Hooking with the rubber on the top of the shoe is also nice. I can put my shoe up and know that I'm not going to lose my position.I would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: forkliftdaddy, 2006-05-03

So far so good. I sized my Barracudas so that in when my foot is not on the rock, the fit is very comfortable. As soon as I place foot to rock, however, my toes fill the toebox and the fit is tight. I think this is related to the downturned nature of the shoe, and it makes them great shoes for standing on my feet.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: loki440, 2006-03-05

These shoe are my first pair of climbing shoes, sure mabey a little advanced or more specific than a beginner needs, but there awesome, fit my feet so well, and now that there wearing in, there only getting better, i like how you can still feel what you have under your feet and where, but still having the shoe remaining stiff, that and the asymetrical shape dosent push my toe into a center point like the other shoes i tried, still need to get use to the heel pressure, but thats just like ski boots ect takes a little while to get use to, but im almost completely use to it only after 3 gym sessions with these shoes. Im normally a size 9 street shoe and took a size 6.5 in these, and as said in shiggetyshiva review they are shug but not painful.

Im very happy with my first climbing shoe purchase, and recommend these shoes to people with similar shaped feet or at least try out.

Edit: Now that there worn in i can wear them for a good couple of hours straight if i want to

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