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Splat Mat 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: Masterblaster, 2006-11-19

The pad is rad. Though I am waiting to see how long the corners take to develop abrasion tears and holes. The fabric doesn't seem like it's gonna last, especially with a lot of use and rough rock at the base of routes. IMPORTANT NOTICE. This may seem incredible, but my girlfriend fell off a problem, landed in the center of the pad near the hinge, the pad taco'd at the speed of light slingshotting the buckle into her nose! SO, make sure you secure those freeking metal buckles before launching yourself off any rocks! I like the pad's thickness and the shoulder pads are really comfortable for longer approaches.

Cheap Bastard 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: sneaky_steve, 2006-11-19

Very excellent pad. I found the material to be very durable and easily cleanable. Also the hinged design helps to make the pad lay perfectly flat very easily, also it adjusts to put over rocks or other objects. I really like this pad, if you buy one you will not be disappointed.

Review 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: pilotpistolpete, 2006-06-20

I don't know which universe the other reviews come from, but I found this pad to be the worst waste of foam yet.

I based my decision to buy it on reviews on this site and the fact that is was dirt cheap.When I got to the store (MEC), they only had one left, the "olive green" one....and by olive green, Metolius means "bright lime yellow". The cover looked very cheap, but i figured, metolius knew what it was doing and it had to be tougher that it looked.

The shape of this thing is as ackward as it gets. They perfected the shape to be as square as possible, making it way too wide to be maneuverable. Combined with the bright yellow colour, one would mistake me for Spongebob when I have it on my back. But I think Spongebob is wasy more soft that this brick hard mat

Of course, for the price, I couldn't complain too much, as a crashpad isn't made for fashion. And people say that this pad needs to be broken in to get softer. So I can look past these little things and took it out for a test at the local boulder. I bouldered for less that an hour, fell a few times from maybe 5 feet. The pad was very hard, but it took my fall. But when I decided to fold it closed, ....what's this? Did a lawnmover run over it?

The pad was more beat up that Whitney Houston after a fight with Bobby Brown. There was already a tare in the "infamous diamond stitched cover" and about a dozen more scratches that were ready to tare throught.

So avoid this pad unless your looking for a Spongebob outfit and invest an extra 50$ to get a real pad.

I returned this to the store. They took it back even with the torn cover since they said it wasn't the first time someone complained about it (the guy even referred to it as "el cheepo"). I bought the Franklin drop zone, and it is worlds better. So save your nickels for soemthing better.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: lordjim, 2006-06-13

An excellent inexpensive pad. I was looking for a second smaller pad for when my Misty Magnum is too much to carry around. It complements my Highlander as a wonderful second small pad. It is excellently constructed and it's a breeze to carry. The only drawback is that since it's a hinged pad I can't stuff as much into it as my taco folding pads. If you are looking for a inexpensive pad or a "cheap" first/beginner pad, grab this one.

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: jeep914x4, 2006-01-18

This pad is great. Much thicker than my friends older metolius pads which helps the 45 degree hinge support even better. It's like its not even there! The cover seems super tuff, it has held up to a few barb wire fences already and some sharp rocks. If you are looking for a basic thich crashpad check it out.

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