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Many moving parts 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: 1tooth, 2008-02-14

Pretty good overall, good idea for the design, however when jugging sometimes if you don't pull straight down or back on the handles, the cam won't engage and you will slide down the rope a couple inches before engaging, which can scary at first until you figure out what is going on. I can reproduce the slipping now when I want, something I couldn't do with my Petzl's. Otherwise they are great, you get a finger and a thumb in on the trigger action, and they have that bigger hole in the handle if that makes you happy. Have only used on aid walls, no dirty ice/mud alpine stuff yet.

pretty sweet 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: djrepnik, 2007-04-25

these are pretty good all around. they feel more secure than the traditional design of petzl, yates, and camp. the trigger is very easy to operate with only one finger. the only drawback was that when you are getting started jumaring (bottom 15 feet of the rope) the bottom NForce cam needs to be manually operated by the trigger finger, this is because it grabs the rope so tightly. I never had that problem with the Petzl ascenders. Never the less, these in my opinion are much better than the Petzl.

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