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Reviews for Corona VCR Average Rating = 4.80/5 Average Rating : 4.80 out of 5

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Comfortable and Effective Shoe 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: boulderstash, 2011-07-20

These were my first pair of shoes. As with most 1st pairs I bought them way too big. They have UK sizes, which at least in menís mean they'll already be a whole number down from your American size. I am normally an 11 to 11.5 in street shoes and I got these in 10.5UK (I know my street size is way too big for climbing shoes right). They fit pretty tight my first few times out and stretched after about 8 hours of bouldering. I would have been wise to get these a size smaller (9.5 UK/10.5 US). However, they perform most tasks as a proper fitting shoe would. The only thing they wouldnít do for me was edge on the insides (big toe), but their outside edges still work better than my excruciatingly tight new pair (5.10 rouge). They also heel hook like gods. I will agree with previous reviews that they are meant for wide feet. Even with the 10's I tried on, the straps were hanging off the edge of the shoe. Properly measured my foot is an 11 width C, where D is normal for this size. If you have wide feet or if you want something extremely comfortable that performs well, this is a great shoe. I will resole these and use them as an extended use/comfort pair. Also, I will mention again that they heel hook like gods and toe hook with the best of them as well. They took me from flailing on V0- to flashing V2 in about 6 months of climbing. I wore through the rubber on the bottom of my left big toe after about 30 gym sessions and about 40 outdoor sessions of which about half were in desert areas ridden with gravel and broken glass. They didnít start stinking until about the last 6 weeks I owned them. This six weeks was almost exclusively spent at a crag in a forest setting, something on the ground there may have caused this because they still smelled new up until my first few sessions there.

My current all time fave 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: theclimbergirl, 2008-12-31

The short version... there's no compromise here. These shoes edge like nothing else; they smear great; they fit fantastically; and they are incredibly precise and sensitive. They're, to date, my favorite shoe I've climbed in. I agree with the other reviewers that they stretch a great deal -- when mine arrived, I could only get my right foot into the shoe, my left foot was a no go until I put them through the washing machine.

The long version is on my blog, including more detail on fit comparison and wear.

sensitive 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: lup, 2008-03-13

A very sensitive shoe.Exact on edges. Best rubber ever. Nice design. Fits well to wide foot.
But: You should really take it as small as you can. It stretches much.

my favorite shoes ever. 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: bean.uiuc, 2008-03-07

These are the best shoes I have owned. I first had a pair of lace-up coronas, but I bought those too big, and lace-ups I think are generally too difficult to put on and take off. The velcros, on the other hand, and very convenient to put on and remove. The comfort is incredible, after the break in period. You should get these where they almost hurt at first, because they will definitely stretch a lot. I wear size 10.5 street shoes, and my perfect corona VCR size is 8.5. What i like about them is they comfortably and snugly fit around every part of my foot: toes, mid-section, and heel. That was important to me, as I was having difficulty doing heel-hooks in my other shoes that had this awkward air gap at the heel. Another thing that may or may not be a consideration is the dye. Since these are basically all white, they don't cause your foot to discolor the way other shoes might (like the red spirit VCRs). Another thing is some shoes have seams on the inside that may create uncomfortable pressure points. I've never had that problem in these shoes. I think it helps that these are able to stretch in all the places where such a pressure point may otherwise occur. As for the velcro, I've always felt that I could tighten them down properly for the right fit. And the velcro in oriented in the proper direction. most shoes get this right, but never get a pair where you pull inward to tighten the shoe. The flaps on each shoe will interfere with each other... That's it. bye.

great shoe 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: tjfox87, 2007-08-17

This shoe is great, it concentrates your foot to the toe. you can stand on tiny foot holds like you would stand on the ground. I recommend going one full size down from your street shoe size, I wear a 12 and went to an 11, if you can even go 1.5 sizes down. These shoes will stretch out. Other then that they are great for bouldering doing heel hooks, and toe hooks. Hope this review was helpful.

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