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So tiny! 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Climbin4Vs, 2007-05-07

I’m the kind of person that hates trying to find a new sleeping bag. They are usually too big, even when compressed, over priced and a pain in the butt to place back in the compression bag. Finally after weeks of searching for something small, cheap and lightweight, I found an unfamiliar UK brand, Snugpak. The only thing I can say about this company is, wow.

I decided to give the brand a test run and bought their Travelpak Traveller. The company gives the following specifications:
-Temp: 62.6°F - 44°F, Low 35°F
-Weight: 1.65 lbs
-Length: 86.6 in., Chest: 59 in.
-Pack Size: 4.7 in x 5.5 in

During my testing of the bag I found the company’s temperature recommendation to be true. I was also comfortable using the bag in 23 °F, with the addition of a liner. Depending on the liner, and what you wear to sleep, you probably can use this bag in even colder weather. The hood fits great and keeps the heat in. I did find that if the hood isn’t being used then cold air does get into the bag, this is easily fixed by making sure the top is closed tight around the shoulders. In addition, I love that this bag is rectangular. I like to have extra leg room while sleeping and mummy bags are way too constricting. The best part about this bag is getting it back into the compression sack. There’s no trick to folding or placing it back in. I found that whether you fold it up or just stuff it in the sack it goes in without any problems. One problem I did encounter was the mosquito netting would come untied if not double knotted.

I definitely rate this bag as a five. The only problem with this brand is finding it in the US. There are some online retailers, however watch out for over priced items. Ebay is a good place as well. The best option is to buy from Even with shipping their prices are the best around.

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