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awesome shoe ruined by a poor heel 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: ghisino, 2008-11-01

this shoes maybe have the best front portion I have ever tried in a shoe.
honestly very painful, but mixing power, precision and sensitivity like no other. Very versatile, too.

But, the soft heel construction is a huge limitation : unless you fill it perfectly, this kind of heel feels and works quite badly even sized insanely small.
It should either be made way smaller and tighter (maybe assuming that it stretches for people with big heel) OR, stiffened up someway.

The big disappointment for the bad heel comes when considering that being rather uncomfy, this velcro is more suited for boulders and steep routes than for long vertical walls (where it'll perform surprisingly well but cook your feet at the same time, substituting sensations with pain in the last meters).

so either you have a fat heel or its a one trick pony for specific problems where its power/sensitivity mix is appreciated and no crucial heel hook is involved. too bad.

Fantastic shoe 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Senate156, 2008-08-14

I love these shoes! I have a pair of Acopa B3s as well that I intended to be my primary shoe as these were meant for only really steep overhanging stuff, but I am finding myself gravitating towards these shoes even on vertical stuff. I have to say I got mine on an incredible sale (30% off) but they only had 44s left and I wear a 44.5 street shoe. So I have been wearing socks with these shoes, but they've still been incredible and really have pushed my climbing to new levels. Next time I'm going to go with 43s.

Rockettes 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: SHoCK2xTc, 2008-05-28

I have pretty narrow feet. The FiveTen v10's did not really fit my feet that well. The heel cup did not fit too well nor did the width of the shoes. Those are the only shoes that have a down turned toe that I can compare to my Rockettes. The Rockettes do have the advantage of velcro straps too.

The Rockettes fit like a glove right out of the box. Sure they were uncomfortable since my toes were curled up like shrimp. Aggressive down turned toe shoes, what were you expecting? At least the heel cup was amazing. I like the sound when my heel finally gets into the shoe, like a dream.

Oh and did I mention toe hooking?? HA! I think I am going to order a pair for my girlfriend so she can feel what I feel.

Take a pair of these to your overhanging project and then come thank me. I think I might have officially gotten off the FiveTen bandwagon but hard to part with my moccs and vcs (stealth v1s and onyx v2s). The V10s are getting donated to my brother.

Great 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: gte921n, 2007-11-12

I completely agree with toohigh. They fit my foot very well and were more comfortable than most out of the box. I have not had "good" shoes in the past, but I can definitely tell a difference when I strap these on. They seem to have more flexibility and better sensitivity than most radically downturned shoes that I have tried. If i am forced to find something wrong, and I am really searching here, my heel doesn't completely fill out the pocket. But it is starting to soften after increasing use and this is becoming an almost complete non-issue. Other than that, they are perfect for me. Better than the solutions.

Scarpa Booster 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: toohigh, 2007-10-09

I own many pairs of shoes and even though I really like a couple, they still don't quite understand MY foot. Straight from the box these shoes fit around MY foot better than any other. The Booster is also the most downturned shoe I own now. How does that work? Most downturned and most comfortable, crazy thing to say I know!

Unlike other velco's that I own these clamp your foot on in a totally bombproof manner. I might even say they feel more secure than lace up's i own... Ok now I just sound crazy.

Long story short I really like these shoes, and I have a pair of Scarpa Spectros as well. The new Scarpa line is really remarkable and if you like how La Sportiva's (heinz messager) feel then I would definetly try on a pair of Scarpa's (heinz messager).


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