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dream edging machine but dont size too tight 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: cacarluen, 2012-04-21

This might be late but if you find the scapra spectros on special for $50 or so bucks and it's in your size, grab it! fantastic value for money.
I sized these at a 39 and i'm a 7US normally. A 39 felt very tight. As these were only my second pair of shoes, I wouldnt say i immediately noticed an improvement because the pain was too great. Even now, I cant comment on the sensitivity factor because my toes still hurt wearing them. In hindsight I should have gone a 40 but they were at a bargain.
I've worn down the left toe where I can now see the rand and am only fully reaping the shoes benefits.
The shoe feels solid. The heel sticks heel hooks with confidence and the toe hooks felt they would hold (but donít size them too tight or the pain might be too much to do these effectively, case in point!).
The spectros pull your arch up in a position to drive the power into the toe and it feels really sure underfoot. They are a stiff shoe and edge like a dream.

Previous shoe: Evolv Pontas US 7Ĺ .
Street size: US 7.
Sizing: Probably on the money.

why haven't I heard about this shoe before? 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: caughtinside, 2008-02-21

So, I bought a pair of spectros from a climber I know, they didn't fit his feet. I have to say, the edging power of these shoes is nothing short of staggering. My previous favorite shoe had been the katana, but this just blows it away. They are super stiff under the big toe, but not cinderblock stiff like the old Newtons. The insane edging power of the shoe under the big toe is complemented by the fact that the forefoot is still flexible and can smear.

Also, these shoes are very well made. Everything about this shoe is tight and precise, no slop. I expect them to hold up well, you will notice the quality workmanship right away if you try them on.

My biggest complaint about these shoes, is that they are hard to find? I don't know of a single scarpa retailer in NorCal, and I don't like to buy shoes online unless I've bought that model that size before. Does BD still distribute Scarpa? and if so how come I can't find them anywhere??

Phillygoat's review is spot on. (except I have no testarossa experience to compare.)

EDIT: I came across a little more information on the spectro and Scarpa generally, and thought I would add to this review:

Scarpa was distributed by BD until around 3 yrs ago. The Italian based company stopped the distributorship when their prices+the BD handling fee were halting sales in the US. Scarpa North America formed in Colorado solving the distributorship issue and pricing became competitive again.

During the transition, there were a few changes at Scarpa. One of the real upsides was the hiring of Heinz Merriacher, the long time shoe designer from La Sportiva.

The Spectro is one of his first Scarpa-specific designs. It hails from a 'family' of shoes: the stix, booster/rockette and soon to be released ferroce. The powerful toe is the result of the TPS insert in the toebox. The thin toe power support maintains the shape of the toe and enriches powerful edging.

Scarpa Spectro 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: phillygoat, 2007-07-14

OK. At the risk of repeating myself (I wrote the shoe description), let me tell you how awesome this shoe is. First, I should begin by stating that I've owed Katanas, Testarossas, Evolvs (Defy,Evo), Mythos, Muiras, old Scarpa Reflex, Mad Rock Mugans, and probably others that I can't remember. The Scarpa Spectro is my favorite shoe of 'em all.

I've always like how asymmetrical down-turned shoes fit my feet, and was/am a big fan of Sportiva's Testarossa. However, I'm not exactly built like Dave Graham (read: stocky/muscular...ah, OK, I could lose ten pounds). The Spectro is a great blend of aggressive fit mixed with a mid-sole that provides a better platform for edging. It's the best of both worlds for most of the climbing that I do. (A lot of Smith Rock- vertical/slightly overhanging routes)

I like these shoes so much that I start daydreaming (hallucinating) about being sponsored, thus having a closet full of Spectros at my disposal.

Oh yeah, I should mention that the rubber is Vibram XS, they are lined, and that they were designed by a famous guy named Heinz Mariacher, who I believe also designed the Testarossa. Enjoy!

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