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Wing it 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: beat1monkey, 2008-01-17

I have been using these shoes for 2 months. They are great. Soft and sensitive and really awesome for engaging the big toe. I can feel and sense my feet, no second guessing and the rubber is good- i live in the tropics, the humid and temps are brutal at times.

This helps my sends. It's cool when your feet 'talk' back and communicate. Plus they are so comfortable.

Previously was using Anasazi slippers. The build quality of the wings are really good, compared to the anasazi-The inner lining of the 'stazi's tore after 2 months.

Don't rely on the hype of the big brands. Triop have a good product here. I'm glad i took a chance. maybe they should have been given a premium price for the fronters.

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: manacubus, 2004-06-03

I've been wearing the Wings for five months. Initially, I thought I'd only use them indoor and occasionally out bouldering, but once I started wearing them, I've only rarely put on another shoe.

They're a good shoe for someone wanting to move away from a traditional, symmetrical shoe (like a LaSportiva Mythos) into something with a little more focus on the big toe for edging and pulling power. I'm really appreciating how they fit my foot, and because they're so sensitive, they perform very well on smearing and delicate footwork.

Like most slippers, they don't excel at heelhooking, but the high velcro closure helps to keep the shoe tight on your foot. So far I've worn them bouldering to V6, sport climbing to 28 (5.12d), and even done some soloing and new routing in them. Bottom line, I was sceptical at first, but they're very sensitive shoes and for that reason, I really like them.
- I wouldn't use them for extended crack climbing.
- They stretch a full European size (i.e. 39 to 40) within a few months of hard use, so size them small.

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