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Reviews by Go-Devil (13)

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Nepal Steel (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 5.00/5 Average Rating : 5.00/5

In: Gear: Alpine & Ice Climbing: Ice Axes and Hammers

Monte rosa 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Go-Devil, 2009-07-14

In europe this axe has a monte rosa variant, its the same axe, same pick/shovel/handle except it comes with a long leash and has "monte rosa" printed on the side (possible a local variant)

In short, this axe does what its supposed to, its not too big, not too heavy, light enough to not be a burden but heavy enough to do some serious chopping, a nice addon is the rubber cap on the end of the leash that goes over the pick when not in use or when traversing rocks....

ATC Guide Autobloc Belay Device (Manufacturer link) popular Average Rating = 4.60/5 Average Rating : 4.60/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Belay Devices & Descenders

atc guide 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Go-Devil, 2007-09-08

a great advantage over the reverso or possible other belay devices to belay second climbers, is the unlocking...

the manual says tht you need to put a lil rope through the lil eye of the guide and then yank it free... now this is super complicated to do, so i figured out a better more controlled way...

you take a biner with a small nose ( where the snapper closes..) and put tht nose in the hole, then use the biner as a lever, and "voila" you can unlock your device very controlled !!
but beware unlocking may cause sudden rope feed so allways back it up with a HMS

Crash pad Average Rating = 5.00/5 Average Rating : 5.00/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Crash Pads

MAMMUT pad 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Go-Devil, 2007-07-14

excellent crashpad, constructed from several different foam layers to ensure a soft landing, the hinges are super easy, no fumbling with it, just hang em in the loops and your pad is secured, it has a handy bag on the back, just large enough for a pair of shoes, chalk and some water and food, the shoulderstraps are nothing special, they do what theyre made for and they don't cut into your flesh...

the folding part is secured by a diagonal construction, thus preventing folding in half when you touch-down in the middle.

its a crashpad from a decent size, not too big not too small, when compared to other pads the foam is a bit thicker, but this just makes it much nicer to fall on, so that definately isnt a minus....

the covering over the foam hasnt ripped yet, and i don't think it will, it looks and feels realy tough !

between the hinged part you find an easy handle for carrying, with 1,75m i can carry the pad easily by this handle, without touching the ground ( unlike some other pads, wich seem to be designed for slurring over the ground....)

if you're lookin for a do-it-all pad, get this one !!

+the mammut logo looks rad ;)

Testarossa (Manufacturer link) popular Average Rating = 4.90/5 Average Rating : 4.90/5

In: Gear: Shoes: Climbing Shoes: Lace Up

Testarossa 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Go-Devil, 2007-05-28

The ferrari under the climbing shoes...
Mine have a glove like fit, wearing them a Whole day without pain !
Asymmetric when new although after first uses this softens and they become less asymm. Still good enough for ultra precision tough, but now also very comfortable !
Toe hooks and pulling on micro edges become reality, even, unlike many say, slab and cracks are also part of the Testarossa's working ground ! Cracks can be painfull, but after break-in period you learn to use unusable micro-cracks, just put the tip and twist like a nutter, the XSgrip rubber from ( I think vibram) is good enough for hard slab climbs ( maybe not the 8a kind of slab, but just difficult slab)
When shopping for new shoes, try this one ! You're sold. The high prices make up in minimal wear, and a complete new look on hard routes, you realy become more confident when doin micro-edgy stuf, I just love how I can jam the first half cm of the toe into tiny vertical cracks, and still be confident to put my full weight on it !
Beware !This shoe stretches, buy it so your toes start to hurt after 30min wearing them, they'll fit perfect after your first climb.

New Wave Average Rating = 5.00/5 Average Rating : 5.00/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Harnesses: Fixed

great harness 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: Go-Devil, 2007-01-17

the harness on the photo isn't the new wave from mammut.... the new wave i got is yellow with black ( check mammut website) and it fits perfectly, in comparison with the petzl harnesses, the padding is much tougher and fits like a dream, its a simple harness, but fits like a glove, also when leading, no more worries your harness slips down...

the gear loops are just like the petzl models, faced outwards and from a rather hard plastic so its easy accesible....

the leg-loops are finished off with a bungee strap around your legg so its allways tight, but doesnt cut off your blood when hanging....

great harness, low price ( i paid mine only 47EUR...)

+the yellow colors are awesome, i realy like the design....

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