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Review by climballnight (1)

Glider 10.5MM And 10.2MM Average Rating = 5.00/5 Average Rating : 5.00/5

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10.2mm 60m Bi-pattern Glider Maxim Rope 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: climballnight, 2010-05-14

Of all the ropes I've had and climbed with, after about 2 years of use on this rope it is still by far my favorite. It is amazingling not-kinky, has never gotten stuck on pulls (knock on wood), feels light when climbing (I've noticed this when trailing a second rope on long multipitch leads, being the rope I clipped, it still had comperable or even less drag than the trailed rope), and of course is easy to clip. It doesn't have that stiff cable-like feel that some ropes get, nor that wimpy overly supple feel that others have. I've heard from some that Maxim ropes get fuzzy with use, but the sheath on mine still looks and feels like new. True I do try to take care of it, and use other ropes for abusive days getting stepped on in the dirt with beginners at Jtree or sport crags, but any time I'm pushing my own limits or climbing with my beloved girlfriend, this is the treasured rope we take. My rope is very much due for a rope-wash though, I've never put it to that test yet... ':-D I've had one pretty good 10-15' fall on it, which got me thinking I should look into getting another one... if only I could find one in another color at REI with my dividend... I don't think carries it... I'll have to keep looking.