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Chongo's Book's Belay Screws

Chongo's Book's Belay Screws (view)

The worldwide web is a funny place. When I first arrived here at, I began writing technical and teaching posts in the Aid Climbing Forum. If you've read them, you'll know they're pretty good.

I learned all this stuff in two ways - I edited Chongo's book, and then I took the ideas to the big walls of El Capitan, often solo, to figure them out.

Yet for reasons I still do not understand, a number of people [including the then top three users on this website!] did not believe I was who I said I was. Despite me posting dozens of photos of myself actually climbing on El Cap, I was called a "fake".

I found this one particularly amusing:

"Like I asked for the publisher of the book that you "edited", as your "supporters" believe that you have done. You replied in a PM that Chongo makes copies himself at Kinkos, colates [sic] them, then sells them. This does not sound like a book, as I pointed out, but you failed to respond publically [sic] to this as well. You state publically [sic] that you've edited a book, but have failed to show the proof of this when asked to do so.

If you publically [sic] make statements as to your achievements, you should be able to publically [sic] back them up. Do you not agree ??? Or should all the users just blindly believe anything you say as do your "supporters" ???

You tend to state things as fact, but cannot prove these things when asked to do so.

Note: please click here to read my Dr. Piton Quote of the Day where I was recently called a fraud. If you are on of my "sheep" you will do this without hesitation.


Anyway, based on the demand quoted above to "prove" the existence of the book, I made up this little presentation. I took my Chongo book, unscrewed it, scanned the pages, and submitted the photos. The name of the book is



The book is self-published by Chongo. I am its Editor.

Note the Library of Congress Copyright registration number - you'll learn more about that as you move along!

This is probably the most amazing and unbelievable story you have ever read - you will just have to click here, if you dare, to proceed to page 2 of the presentation.

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