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Acknowledgments from Chongo's Book

Acknowledgments from Chongo's Book (view)

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This is page 2 in my presentation and in this page of Chongo's book you can read the names of people who have helped in the development and implementation of new Big Wall Technology, which is what I now call the Better Way.

Chuck got a lot of help - the acknowledgements read like a Who's Who of Big Wall Climbing.

You'll see Ammon McNeely, who is elcapbuzz here at [at least when he bothers to show up! Sheesh.] See how many others you recognize.

Not only do I disagree that "this does not sound like a book," I cannot help but think it rather looks like one, too.

Yet something was amiss here - I was supposed to "prove" that I was the Editor, yet nowhere in my copy did I see it written, "Editor: Peter Zabrok"

I found this momentarily perplexing - I knew I had seen this in later editions.

This story just keeps on getting stranger, so click here to proceed to page 3 of the presentation.

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