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This Doctor Makes House Calls

This Doctor Makes House Calls (view)

Well, at least he makes coffee calls!

Here we find the Tucson Hotties along with Dr. Piton, and his shagadelic big wall coffee press making a 1 a.m. "coffee run" over to the lab to bring Andria [cragchica] a hot brew.

[Yeah, she's really working hard, eh? Note that is on the computer screen behind her...]

Being the gentleman that he is, the hotties' wall doctor also brought along a couple pints of ice cream which Hillary [climbsomething] is demoing using Andria's nut tool. [Like, I forgot the spoons, eh?]

Trying to choose between the Tucson Hotties is like trying to choose your favourite kind of Ben & Jerry's - just when you think you can't eat another bite, you're tempted by the other flavour......

Ah, what a precious dilemma...

How do I do it?

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Submitted by: passthepitonspete on 2002-10-18 | Views: 682

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