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Red Rocks New Years

Average Rating = 3.40/5 Red Rocks New Years

This was me last New Years at Red Rocks. What a trip! Ask me about my Canyon Ranch Spa story... a dirtbag's delight!
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-10-18
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Jamming up the Forks

Average Rating = 3.96/5 Jamming up the Forks

This is Andria jamming up a gorgeous 5.9 hand crack at Paradise Forks. Photo taken by Chris Ferguson (azrocklizard).
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-10-01
Views: 1448 | Votes: 24 | Comments: 8
Cochise Crackmaster

Average Rating = 3.22/5 Cochise Crackmaster

Wow... overhung offwidth?!?! Okay, I confess, I played with the angles a bit, though it really was an offwidth.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-28
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That's a big cam youve got there...

Average Rating = 3.43/5 That's a big cam youve got there...

Here's Ben leading an offwidth at the End Chimneys at Cochise Stronghold last fall on the weekend of my very first Beanfest. This climb also marked my very first encounter with trad climbing.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-28
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Calico Dawn

Average Rating = 3.33/5 Calico Dawn

After sleeping in the Volvo on the side of the highway, Ben and I awoke on New Year's Eve to a most maginificent scene... the morning clouds rising off the colorful cliffs of Calico Basin at dawn.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-23
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Dawn Clouds of Red Rocks

Average Rating = 2.44/5 Dawn Clouds of Red Rocks

I opened my eyes on the morning of New Year's Eve and peered over the dashboard of the Volvo to see this gorgeous view! Red Rocks never fails to amaze me.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-23
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Dusk on Puppy Chow

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Dusk on Puppy Chow

Here I am leading Puppy Chow on Lost Hawk Pinnacle (Mt. Lemmon, AZ). It's a great climb and even more challenging when you're racing the settin sun you've lost one of your contact lenses.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-23
Views: 1204 | Votes: 11 | Comment: 1
Hillary vs. Chihuahua Power

Average Rating = 3.75/5 Hillary vs. Chihuahua Power

Scrambling up the 5.6 chimney right next to this classic 5.9 face climb provided a nice vantage point to snap this photo of our favorite photographer herself - 'climbsomething' (aka Hillary Davis).
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-23
Views: 1508 | Votes: 16 | Comments: 4
In search of a good view...

Average Rating = 3.44/5 In search of a good view...

Here I am (Cragchica) soloing up the bottom of Lost Hawk Pinnacle, hoping to find a good vantage point for the subsequent photos of my partner Climbsomething. In case you were wondering... it was indeed worth the exploration.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-22
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Where's My Rope?

Average Rating = 3.64/5 Where's My Rope?

I wish I could remember on which pitch of Royal Arches this was taken. From the looks of the little trees below... it's pretty dang high! I wonder what I'm doing without a rope...
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-21
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After After Six

Average Rating = 3.60/5 After After Six

This is me at the top of After Six - my very first Valley climb. Notice I'm wearing my running shoes - I wore them for the last five pitches (out of six) because my insanely tight, sportclimbing shoes were hurting my broken toe so badly on the first pitch that I climbed the second half barefoot and switched into my comfy running shoes at the first belay. It would have been a pretty nice photo... especially if my partner had understood composition as well as he understood climbing, oh well. I think I'll see whether I can pull some photoshop magic tricks out of my hat and crop myself out of this photo and onto the backdrop of the photo I took of him. It'll be tricky, but the results could be worth it... I'll see.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-20
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CragChica or Altlas?

Average Rating = 3.17/5 CragChica or Altlas?

After exploring the views, I stopped to pose for Climbsomething's camera... could I possible resist another photo op?
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-20
Views: 912 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 2
Profile photo for Andria

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Profile photo for Andria

This is a headshot picture as a profile picture for cragchica's profile.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-08-01
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What's Next?

Average Rating = 3.88/5 What's Next?

Here I am looking puzzled... probably scanning the rock for the next bolt on a route that I'm pretty sure is a 10a on the Casino cliffs of Jacks's Canyon. In case you were wondering... I found it.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-05-31
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Andria on Belay

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Andria on Belay

This is me attentively belaying while my friend and fellow climber chica - Hillary (aka 'climbsomething') snaps an unannounced photo.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-05-31
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Rolling the Dice

Average Rating = 4.07/5 Rolling the Dice

This is me (Andria) leading a 5.7 on the Casino Cliffs wall of Jacks Canyon, AZ. The credit for this shot goes to my friend Hillary who documented some of my first leading experiences.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-05-29
Views: 859 | Votes: 14 | Comments: 4
Warm up at Jacks

Average Rating = 3.83/5 Warm up at Jacks

This is me (Andria) again, leading another route at Jacks Canyon. After catching my breath and holding this position for what seemed like an eternity, I discovered that the remainder of the route was much less stressful.
Submitted by: cragchica on 2002-05-29
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