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Tony's New Hobby

Average Rating = 2.33/5 Tony's New Hobby

This is the first time I've ever slacklined. My partner set this up in the front yard, and we went at it. I've definitely found a new hobby. Photo taken by RckFreek
Submitted by: drysdan on 2002-12-09
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Metolius X-Comp

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Metolius X-Comp

There's a bit of discussion going on about the open gate strength of the Metolius X-comp 'biner, 'cause their website says 8kn, and the biner, pictured here, says 9kn.
Submitted by: drysdan on 2002-04-29
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Rad Day Out

Average Rating = 2.60/5 Rad Day Out

Here's a few of us after a day at the cliffs. On the left are my friends Anna and her African(Zimbabwe) boyfriend Sean, both very cool people, and on the right are myself and my partner, RckFreek.
Submitted by: drysdan on 2002-04-28
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Crappy Move, Tony

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Crappy Move, Tony

Here's me, doing a not-so-clean move on a variation of "Lithium Deficiency." I made it to the top, though.....
Submitted by: drysdan on 2002-04-28
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Up The Elephant's Crack

Average Rating = 3.82/5 Up The Elephant's Crack

This is a couple years ago at the City of Rocks National Monument. This particular rock is called Elephant Rock, and not only is this a ridiculously easy crack route, but if you look at the "elephant" this route is right where his crack is. This is prob
Submitted by: drysdan on 2002-03-09
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