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Fear of Flying

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Fear of Flying

Another old school 5.11+ roof on a far, far overhung top rope. On the lower third of the route you are staring at a long swing out and back through several trees if you fell and one in particular was quite menacing. We never hit it, but after we left the area we heard of a fellow who took the ride, made it out past the tree ok, but broke his back on it on the way back in.
Submitted by: healyje on 2011-07-14
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Average Rating = 3.00/5 Girl

Submitted by: healyje on 2009-04-15
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Student Center South By The Column

Average Rating = 5.00/5 Student Center South By The Column

Here's about the only other one I have - Doug Drewes, circa '76, on "[i]Student Center South - By The Column[/i]". As the name implies the problem goes up the column and then out the roof pods to where Doug is about to attempt the very careful transition to a full hang before firing the top. The first transition from the column top into to the knee jams in the roof pods is one crux, moving across the pods to get established on that edge is the second, and then negotiating that "[i]careful transition[/i]" to a full hang while maintaining full control of how your feet lower out is the third crux - manage that one badly such that your feet just cut/swing and you get ripped off the edge and suffer a desperate face-planting wrist-breaker onto the concrete below. We did it both on this lower South portico and on the 20 foot or so East portico.
Submitted by: healyje on 2007-03-18
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Old school - circa 1975

Average Rating = 4.10/5 Old school - circa 1975

Old school 5.11+ roof on a far, far overhung top rope. At this point you are looking at a 22 foot ground fall inspite of the top rope and the next few moves are the crux. The top rope eventually did kick in at the midpoint/end of the crux keeping your head from hitting the ground, but your lower body still took a pretty savage beating. Note I'm tied directly into the rope with a bowline-on-a-bight...
Submitted by: healyje on 2005-01-15
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Cairn hunting on the descent from Epinephrine

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Cairn hunting on the descent from Epinephrine

Jim Tangen-Foster cairn hunting at the end of the ridge on the descent from Epinephrine on 11.19.04.
Submitted by: healyje on 2004-12-02
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