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Climbing in sacs

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Climbing in sacs

This is me leading an easy (very easy) route in Sacs near Benasque in the Pirinees. It's one of the few photos of me climbing that shows more than my butt and feet...
Submitted by: interruptor on 2002-12-04
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Me at Vale de Benaque

Average Rating = 2.67/5 Me at Vale de Benaque

This is me in my natural inviroment... This was taken the day before my ascent of the Aneto. Just look at that sky! The next day, it was all foggy and w didn't see anything (stupid weather forecast!). Thought i could use this for my profile.
Submitted by: interruptor on 2002-12-03
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Aneto - summit photo

Average Rating = 3.25/5 Aneto - summit photo

Helder, me and Bibi at the summit of the Aneto. No point in showing the landscape... It just wasn't there... We got lost in the fog on our way down, as soon as we got of the glaciar, as did many other mountaineers (we were allways meeting lost parties while descending)... it took us 5 ours from the camp at the Renclusa to the summit and 8/9 to come back...
Submitted by: interruptor on 2002-10-14
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Warmup bouldering

Average Rating = 2.60/5 Warmup bouldering

When we got to Guia and were still taking our ropes out of the backpacks I just looked at this boulder and decided to give it a litlle try. Didn't do much because I had no crash pad and was hanging over a rock step (would have broken my back if I had fallen...).
Submitted by: interruptor on 2002-07-10
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A new route in a new area

Average Rating = 4.00/5 A new route in a new area

This was a new route in a new climbing area. We are not sure if we were the first to climb it, as there's a bolt on top of it (the ONLY bolt in the whole area), so we decided not to name it... yet! Me and some friends are thinking of opening a few routes in this place and maybe prepare some of them, if we can get a driller. As we weren't sure about the bolt safety we just climbed an easy route to the top and set a top rope with some straps. My climbing instructor had seen the route a few days earlyer with us and graded it 5.9, but I though it was easyer then that. By the way, the route is the crack to the right. on the left corner is our rap line. We didn't do any more routes that day because we were taking a large group of friend to try some outdoor activities (kayaking, mountain biking, rockclimbing...) and this top rope was set all day, and we had no more straps. One more detail about this area: THE VIEW IS GREAT!
Submitted by: interruptor on 2002-07-10
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Me and Dani

Average Rating = 2.75/5 Me and Dani

This was one of my first leads, a 3 pitch climb (A grande cascata - 5.8/5.10a/5.9). This is me leading the 3rd one. Notice how Dani, my belayer, is so concentrated on the guy in the route next to ours instead of me. The picture was taken by my climbing instructor (it's his shadow on the wall).
Submitted by: interruptor on 2002-06-17
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