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Shadow Walker

Average Rating = 4.41/5 Shadow Walker

I've been looking for some different ways to express slackline images. Scott Balcom walking on 9/16th.
Submitted by: jetasun on 2003-11-06
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Cruisin' at Black Rock

Average Rating = 3.57/5 Cruisin' at Black Rock

Hey there fellow slackers... Good News!!! Scott Balcom is really close to publishing his official slackline book. It will dig into the Zen of slackline as well as the nuts and bolts to rigging. It's a good read with a bunch of shots. He asked me to take some photos for the book...Here's a taste for what's to come...Chris
Submitted by: jetasun on 2003-11-02
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The Arches - 1983

Average Rating = 3.88/5 The Arches - 1983

I took this shot of Scott Balcom back in 1983 during one of our highline sessions at The Arches. Situated under a freeway over pass near the Rose Bowl, this walk was quite exhilarating. As you can see...there is a lot of air to look at while your slacklining across. The guy in the background belaying Scott is none other that Chango Chuck. Having him around truly added to the drama. FYI - We did get busted by the police doing this once. Scott's mom was a South Pasadena police dispatcher, however, so we got off with a warning.
Submitted by: jetasun on 2003-01-12 | Last Modified: 2013-09-18
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Sunny Day in Tucson

Average Rating = 2.75/5 Sunny Day in Tucson

Today was a picture perfect day in Tucson, AZ for riding a slackline. 73 Degrees, sunny and an occasional breeze generated by unseen thermals passing through. Photo by: Balfour Walker 12-28-02
Submitted by: jetasun on 2003-01-11
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Highline in Fort Collins, CO

Average Rating = 3.12/5 Highline in Fort Collins, CO

This shot was taken out at Horsetooth Rock with Ft. Collins, CO. on the horizon in 1990. It's a pretty short gap, but the view out across the Front Range as your slacklining makes for an esthetic walk. The day this photo was taken it was pretty breezy, and a nasty little storm blew in while we were on top. Shortly after this picture was taken, our group had hair literally standing up on end due to increased static electricity on the summit...we didn't wait around to see who would get struck first by lightning. Photo by: Ray Krueger
Submitted by: jetasun on 2003-01-10
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Two Inch Wide Slackline

Average Rating = 3.60/5 Two Inch Wide Slackline

Scott Balcom took this shot of me during one of our early slackline sessions out in Joshua Tree. Scott and I walked this same two inch wide line as our first Highline. I believe that this picture was taken after we had already walked "The Arches" in Pasadena. We later went on to using a more redundant line for safety purposes (1 inch with 9/16th and perlon inside).
Submitted by: jetasun on 2003-01-10
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Highlining the top of Horsetooth Rock

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Highlining the top of Horsetooth Rock

I took this shot of Ray Krueger back in 1990. He had only been walking slackline in the front yard for about 2 months prior to this picture. After taking numerous falls on this highline, he did successfully make the crossing.
Submitted by: jetasun on 2003-01-10
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Riding the Line

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Riding the Line

Being that I've been posting slackline photos from the early days, it's only fair that I put something recent up as well to show off my receeding hair line. Therefore, I broke out a fresh batch of 1" today from storage and decided to take it for a ride. While not as dynamic as riding 9/16th, I kept it loose enough to push beyond the centerline. Photo by: Balfour Walker 12-28-02
Submitted by: jetasun on 2002-12-31
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Slackline Swing

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Slackline Swing

Here's a picture of me from the summer of 1988 (check the hair and shorts). I still prefer to ride a line while wearing Vans. It seems that a lot of people prefer the feel of barefoot slacklining these days, but soft bottom sneakers still allow that essential feel to occur without thrashing your toes when popping of during a slackline swing session. Swinging on 9/16th super-tape is still my favorite. Photo by: Gary Ohlin
Submitted by: jetasun on 2002-12-30
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