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New Profile Shot

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Profile Shot... Avery and Carter, age 2 1/2. Avery needed a little help, but Carter insisted on doing it himself.
Submitted by: joshj on 2006-05-11
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This is only a profile picture. These are the twins 12/04... actually the picture on our Christmas card.
Submitted by: joshj on 2004-12-16
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Just Another Profile Shot

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This is me and the twins (7 months old here) at the Newport Aquarium March, 2004.
Submitted by: joshj on 2004-05-01
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Sign Structure Climbing

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Gotta love a job that pays you to climb! Part of my job is to do structural inspections. This is me (I'm on the right upright near the top) September 2003 on a sign structure in Louisville, KY.
Submitted by: joshj on 2004-04-05
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Profile Pic.

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This is only a profile pic. This is me with the twins. They were 2-1/2 months old here (on Halloween), going to get their shots.
Submitted by: joshj on 2003-11-19
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