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Days of Heaven .10d***

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Days of Heaven .10d***

me seconding the 2nd pitch of Days of Heaven (.10d/3 stars) at the Rock of Ages Wall in RMNP. this is just before the right crack runs out and you have to commit to the finger/toe crack on the left. the climb is a mega classic. what a blast! photo by bob d'antonio.
Submitted by: kcrag on 2004-12-18
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Bobby D. approaching Fine Jade

Average Rating = 4.14/5 Bobby D. approaching Fine Jade

10/17/04. d'antonio ahead of me on the approach to fine jade. once we reached the base of the climb, 60+ mph winds kept us from going up. oh well. goes well with being rained off moses the day before.
Submitted by: kcrag on 2004-12-16
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'good evans' 11a-, the black wall, mt. evans.

Average Rating = 3.00/5 'good evans' 11a-, the black wall, mt. evans.

me trying to figure out how to get out of the dihedral & over the roof on p4 of 'good evans', 11a-. bobd, a few feet away, is cracking me up. what an incredible alpine route at 14,000'.
Submitted by: kcrag on 2004-10-13
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profile pic

Average Rating = 0.00/5 profile pic

Just another profile pic of a wannabe dirtbag climber.
Submitted by: kcrag on 2003-04-20 | Last Modified: 2007-03-27
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Colorado Winter Summit/Pacific Peak

Average Rating = 3.33/5 Colorado Winter Summit/Pacific Peak

The first annual Colorado Winter Summit. 12-07-02 The slog out (returning from Pacific Peak). This could be just_me, bradhill, mtngeo, neph, freeballn, or mikedano. Not sure. At this point... they were ALL ahead of me! Photo by kelly baldwin.
Submitted by: kcrag on 2002-12-10
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Pacific Peak

Average Rating = 3.86/5 Pacific Peak

First annual Colorado Winter Summit gathering. Pacific Peak (13,950). Freeballn can be seen slogging back from our summit attempt on 12-07-02 photo: kelly baldwin
Submitted by: kcrag on 2002-12-10
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Colorado Winter Summit '02

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Colorado Winter Summit '02

Group photo at our highest point on Pacific Peak. (from front to back) just_me, freeballn, mikedano (laying down), neph, mtngeo and bradhill in the wee back. photo: kelly baldwin
Submitted by: kcrag on 2002-12-10
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Pacific Peak (13,950')  Mtngeo and Skibabeage approach the summit.

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Pacific Peak (13,950') Mtngeo and Skibabeage approach the summit.

Mtngeo, skibabeage and I summited Pacific Peak (13,950'), Summit County, CO., on October 27, 2002. Mostly, we were in the clouds, however, it was an amazing 11 hour slog fest. In this picture, George and Martha, donning crampons and ice tools, head towards the summit (barely visible--brown haze on the left). What a great trek. Sorry we missed you, tracyroach! Photo credit: Kelly Baldwin
Submitted by: kcrag on 2002-10-30
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Fletcher Mountain (13,951')

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Fletcher Mountain (13,951')

Just a pic of Fletcher Mountain (13,951'), Summit County, Colorado that I submitted in order to post in a thread (It's a great hike) photo credit: K. Baldwin/August 2002
Submitted by: kcrag on 2002-10-13
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Planet X, Joshua Tree Bouldering

Average Rating = 4.41/5 Planet X, Joshua Tree Bouldering

Planet X, V6, Johshua Tree, 2002. Dimitrius Fritz sends the classic J-Tree highball, Planet X during a photo shoot for Climbing Magazine ("So High...", No. 212, May 1, 2002). I was snapping some picks while watching the shoot. Had some fun putting a few shots together in Photoshop. Not sure, I'm thinking it might be a little 'too much' -- any comments are appreciated. Photo: Kelly Baldwin
Submitted by: kcrag on 2002-09-29
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Joshua Tree bouldering

Average Rating = 4.24/5 Joshua Tree bouldering

White Rastafarian, V3, Joshua Tree, 2001, Photo credit: Greg Epperson (view his spectacular photos here) -- New to bouldering at the time... didn't quite send the problem, but had a blast trying! The Monument has got to be one of the greatest climbing spots in the world. Truly a magical place...
Submitted by: kcrag on 2002-09-28
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